Corban cracks me up.  I watched him inch his way to the computer the other day with full intent to eat it once he got there.  So, I moved him back to the other side of his blanket and caught him on camera (at least at the end of his mission) doing it again.

Here he is almost in position…

“now, if I could get just a LITTLE closer…” (he’s using his arms to pull himself that way)

“do you see what i’m doing, mom?”

“now…let’s see what kind of damage i can do.”

checking the date…

really going in for the kill, and changing the screen brightness while at it…

and now…he’s completely manhandled the computer…

It was shortly after this picture that I decided I better save our computer considering it cost us just a little bit of money. 😉  Some days I wonder if he will be crawling for real soon.  I’m not sure I am ready for that.  He’s only been with us 5 months…how can this already be happening?!  There’s quite a bit of rearranging I would need to do…haha.  Clearly I’m not completely in the clear even now.

Here’s a few of my other favorite pictures from the last week or two.

she sure makes this tiny pool look fun, huh?

Happy middle-ish of the week!


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