Back in the Saddle Again

After a whirlwind Holiday Season, we’re getting back to life as we know it.  We had a wonderful time with family, the 4 of us alone as well as time with both of our families.  We were truly blessed by having them all here, and it was so fun to catch up, laugh, travel, watch movies, tour our current home city, cook together, open presents, and make memories.  The kids (and Justin and I) were spoiled by all of the attention the grandparents, aunts, and uncles (yes, we were excited that future uncle Jason got to join us, too) gave us.  Here’s some pictures to prove our fun. 🙂

Allie and Cailyn checking out their new gifts.  Teri (Nana) gave them the cutest “Let It Snow” outfits to wear Christmas morning…they looked adorable…even though we were seeing NO snow whatsoever this year. sad times.

this is how tricycle riding ended up…more fun, right?

Corban slept through our present time, so after his nap, Cailyn helped him open his gifts.  She got him a set of blocks, and when I wrapped them, I asked her to write his name on the gift so we knew who it was for…that’s what the circles are…his name, in case you were wondering.

so awesome to live so close to this…we’re about 10 min. from the coast.

ready for a swim at our hotel in Huacachina.

our hotel was surrounded by sand dunes.  this is teri and allie (preston had already made it down) running down to the bottom after having climbed to the top…they said it was really hard climbing up but awesome.

i just wanna eat these little toes up!

even though that is an awkward family picture, i had to include it.  it was the beginning of a horrible boat ride we took to see some fairly (yes, not off the charts, but fairly) cool animals on an island in the Pacific.  The boat (which was insanely smaller than i imagined when we signed up for this little adventure), was a speed boat basically, and we CRASHED our way to this little island.  I’m talking…panic attack almost set in for me.  Seriously.  The water was rough, it was windy and cold, and the guy was driving really fast.  Every time we hit a wave, we would come crashing down only to bruise our rears in yet another spot.  When we finally got to the islands, we saw this…



more seals doing cool stuff

and a huge load of birds…several kinds.  at times, the smell of their mess was unbearable.

then…we went crashing back to shore.  thank you, Jesus!

This little tour was in Paracas, Peru, about 3 hours from Lima.  Here are a few other pictures from that day.

we met the ugliest dog you ever have seen.  i told her not to touch him, and she did great until the owner saw me taking a picture (which, i’m sure he thought was for our viewing pleasure, although i had our blog in mind and just wanted to show all of you how ugly this dog was), and he kept saying, “it’s ok, pet him.”  good girl, Cailyn…she obeyed me.  who knows what sorts of diseases that thing had…gross.

Phase I…complete.

My parents, sister, and Jason flew in Christmas night…well, actually really, really early on the 26th.  Our families overlapped with one another for one day, and we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at Mango’s, a restaurant on the coast, shopping at the Organic Market, and going to the Fountain Park that night.

this next picture is of my dad, cailyn, and allie in a fountain.  you have to try and get in before the water shoots up again.  fun, but you get wet for sure, because annoying kids stand inside and put their hands in the water, which makes it go everywhere…completely defeating the purpose of trying so hard to not get wet.

Reading the Christmas Story before opening presents with my family…

if you’ll notice, cailyn is in the next few pictures.  we ALL had a helper when it came to opening our presents.

An evening at the beach…

These next few pictures are from the relaxing time we had in Cieneguilla, about 45 min. from our house.  We had the place to ourselves, so we did some swimming, had fun talking, and enjoyed a great meal.

Good times.  It was all over by the 30th…10 days of great family time.  I have officially put way too many pictures in this post.  I know…WAY.TOO.MANY.  Anyway, I couldn’t choose from all of the great pictures we took.  So, I shared a lot.  Coming up…update on Corban.  He is getting way too big, and I clearly couldn’t add more this post.

Happy New Year to all!


7 responses to “Back in the Saddle Again

  1. AWESOME post. AWESOME pictures. 🙂

    Mike is reading his Bible behind me and I was getting so tickled reading about your boat ride and about the nasty dog that I was trying to laugh under my breath. He finally heard me and asked me, “What?” and I started laughing so hard that I started crying. Oh so funny. You have such a gift of writing and retelling stories. Thanks for making me laugh….and cry! 🙂

  2. Love the new blog look–swanky. You can NEVER post too many pictures of family time (in my opinion). You got some really cute pictures of Corban and his great big smile. I am so glad you had such a good time with family. I am loving all of your hotel pictures. That sounds like so much fun. You think your madness is over for a little while, and then the Arequipeños are going to drop in. See you tonight…

  3. Thank you for all the great pictures, updates, stories, and random weird animals! I loved it all. So glad you guys had a good holiday with both sets of family. What a blessing!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Wow. Wow. Your photos have a GLOW of love to them…and when in doubt, always post MORE photos. Err on the side of EXTRA!!! Your fans will be grateful…

  5. Seriously, Alison! Your kids are too cute. I love how Corbin has such dark features but still looks JUST like his big sister 🙂 Love it! Take care girl and tell justin I said hi!

  6. Alison! I’m so glad you left a comment on my blog! {And thanks for the great advice!} Your kids are BOTH SO CUTE!! I am excited to have a chance to sit down & read thorough your blog…looks like you guys are living quite the adventure in a beautiful place!

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