How is December nearly half over?!

Our month seems to be FLYING by.  Seriously.  We have a calendar that everyone who lives on our street has that tells us what 2 days of each month we are in charge of providing lunch and dinner for our street guards, and today was one of our 2 days in charge.  I honestly remember looking at the calendar last month and thinking, “December 12th…that’s a while away.”  Not as far as I had imagined it.  Anyway, all that to say…once again, time is getting away from me.

1) Last Monday night at his weekly soccer game, Justin hurt his wrist.  He ended up going to get it x-rayed and checked out around midnight that night because it was hurting so bad.  They put a temporary cast on it, and he is supposed to go back this Tuesday to see if it was just badly sprained or if it’s fractured.  He thought a few days ago that he might be healing pretty well, but it has hurt him a bit more in the last couple of days.  Anyway, hopefully it’s not actually fractured, otherwise he has to get a real cast for a few weeks.

2) In other news, I just thought I would share a little something that I’ve found here that I like.  I’ve mentioned before that there is an organic market that I enjoy going to, and I try and go at least every other week or so…if not every week.  I originally began going with Tara Davidson, because it is within walking distance from her house.  Many vendors have food you can taste and try before buying.  So, Tara is amazing at trying new and sometimes strange (in my opinion…haha) things, and I definitely am NOT.  She pretty much tries whatever, and she has truly been an inspiration to me when it comes to opening myself up to trying new foods.  Ok…that’s a bit dramatic…but she does get me to try a lot more than I would if I were alone (thanks, Tara) 🙂  Anyway, she frequently buys yogurt and butter from one of the vendors called “Vacas Felices” (“Happy Cows”).  I, just for the first time, bought some yogurt a few weeks ago.  I was a little nervous how it would taste, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

I used to LOVE (really LOVE) the mango option of smoothie at Jamba Juice, in the States, and this yogurt tastes JUST like that to me!  They mix fruit in the yogurt, and I bought the “Marimaguito” version.  There are moments when I miss being able to run through the drive through at Smoothie King, so it was wonderful to find that I like this yogurt and that it tastes like a great smoothie to me!

3) So, I’ve meant to take pictures of this, but we have a Christmas tree countdown calendar that we look at each day.  Each day Cailyn gets a small treat until Christmas Day…when we open gifts.  My parents did this for me and my sister all of my life, and Justin and I thought it would be fun to carry on that tradition.  Anyway, Cailyn has loved it, of course.  What kid doesn’t enjoy something fun each day in December?!  My parents also sent a few things for Cailyn (and Corban) to open each day in the mail.  I wanted to share what Cailyn opened today from my parents.  Hilarious.

Yes, the reindeer has done EVERYTHING with her today.  Eat, watch TV, take a bath.  She LOVES him.  Oh, what a $1 can do for a 2.5 yr. old!

And here’s our cutie pie in his Christmas clothes.

One week until our families start to arrive for Christmas!!


3 responses to “How is December nearly half over?!

  1. haha that reindeer is hilarious. i had no clue what to expect when I was scrolling down, but that, beats anything my imagination could have fabricated. look forward to see you all soon.

  2. Compared this picture of Corban to the pictures i took of Cailyn with pumpkins at 4 months old. They look very much alike. Corban actually has more hair. Can’t wait to play with both of the kids!!

  3. the reindeer is absolutely awesome! what a great tradition! corban is getting so big!! love you all and can’t wait to see you! nana

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