On the Up and Up

I thought I should write soon after my last post…a bit depressing.  I thought I could 1) share a link to pictures that Wes Yoakum (if you click the link, it’s the pictures, and if you click his name, you can see his post on our Thanksgiving time together) took of our Thanksgiving…they’re great!, and 2) share my own pictures of our last few days.

So, the day after Thanksgiving we did this:

this is what Corban did while we decorated…

Cailyn wore her black dress skirt to make things feel more Christmas-y… (we get the tongue these days when we ask her to smile, and check out that cute double {or is it a triple?!} chin…haha)

trying on the tree skirt…


Oh…wait…we eventually had to unplug the lights because our transformer was burning up…oops.  Gotta buy a bigger one, because our tree is a pre-lit tree from the States…bummer.

Cailyn immediately said, “OH, pretty Torns!” haha…I realized she thought (at first) that the lights were pieces of “Corn”, and she thought they looked so pretty.  We explained that they were Christmas lights, and then she was so sad we couldn’t keep them on, because she kept saying, “please, turn on the trismas lights, please!”  {she uses 2 pleases when she thinks we aren’t doing something for her lack of using the word please}…so funny.

(sorry…no pictures of the finished product…guess I lost steam with the camera).


I also just wanted to share something that any of you moms out there trying to find new things to do with your kids might like.  I bought these bilingual puzzle cards from Scholastic (this link is to another version of them – the “Seasons” version.  I think our version must be out of stock, but there are several newer versions) when Cailyn was just a newborn in anticipation of using them when she was old enough to talk.  So, we’ve pulled them out since being in Peru a few times, and she LOVES them!

I would totally recommend something like this for a child that enjoys puzzles (doesn’t get frustrated with “real” puzzle pieces – although, ours just have 3 pieces for each card) and a parent who is interested in the child learning some simple, familiar words in spanish.  Cailyn has a fairly good attention span for activities like this when it is just the two of us especially, but it’s an activity that can be cut in half (just sit down to do half the cards) or done all at one time.  Each card has something on the front and another picture on the back.  There is also a tiny pamphlet that comes with it with a few ideas of how to use the cards for the parents to use when you have them out.  The ideas that come with our set are geared toward kids that can read or know what the letters of the alphabet look like, but we use them for recognizing the photos for now.  I get her to put the puzzle together, and then we talk about what it is in both languages.  If she offers what the photo is in one language (because she knows enough spanish now that sometimes the first word she uses isn’t always english), then I praise her for knowing and ask what it is called in the other language that she hasn’t already used.  So, if you’re interested in something new in the way of “at-home-learning” resources go, check these, or something like them, out!

{the dominoes just served as our “hard surface” for doing the puzzles…not a part of the game…:) }


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