Happy Halloween!

They do it the same here in Peru.  It was fun.  The only difference is you yell “HALLOWEEN!!!” instead of “Trick-or-Treat!”.  The kids loved it. Well…ok, another HUGE difference is that we got NO snickers, NO m&ms, NO skittles, NO hersheys kisses, NO starbursts, and NO reeses WHILE Trick or Treating.  We were very excited to receive a bag of all of that candy I just mentioned from a team of families who came through Lima this past week on their way to move to Cuzco, Peru from the States.  So, despite not getting any of that tonight (we mainly got hard candy tonight…like the kind you see in the candy bowls at the Dr.s office), we still had a great time.  Plus, I don’t have to worry much about wanting to raid Cailyn’s candy bag.  Thank goodness.








Hope everyone enjoyed their night!  And, we’re on to November…can you believe it?!


4 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Such great pictures…and ALL of the kids looked SO precious in their “Halloween!” garb. (And no, I can NOT believe it’s November…seems like it should still be about the second week of September to me!)

  2. I absolutely love the first picture on here. It is so perfect and I do hope you frame it. I can’t believe how all the kids on the team are growing so much. I have gotten to watch Cailyn sort of through the blog but this is really the first time I have seen most of the kids in a picture in a long time. Wow, getting so big. I love all the costumes. It is cool that they hollar “Halloween” I actually like that way better then Trick or Treat. I never liked that phrase and I think from now on I will pretend I am in Peru on Halloween. We had a big halloween party. Sean and I had fun dressing up. I was a flight attendant and used my old uniform ( I knew it would come in handy again someday) and Sean went as a tourist (he had passport, map, and airline tickets). It was a good time and reminded me so much of my birthday parties where we would go out trick or treating even when we were too old. Good times; great memories. Miss you.

  3. Your kids are so precious! That little Corban is so cute–I just want to squeeze him! And Cailyn is beautiful and looks like such fun! Pictures of all your team kids and their costumes were great! Love you guys and I love catching up through your blog. Have a great week!

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