Stuff…I feel like it’s always so random

I feel like all of my posts are always just me telling how it is for us…just several random things piled into one post.  I guess that’s cool.  I never have a theme.  It’s the same this time…sorry.

Corban is 9 weeks today.  Man, time flies.  So, a little about him…

  • he generally isn’t fussy, although this week he was, so i hope that isn’t changing.
  • we plan to use cloth diapers on him (we’ve already bought several, so hopefully it works out), but his legs are still too skinny for them.  we have some that say they fit from 7-35 lbs…we’ll see.  he has little chicken legs, so for now, disposables it is.
  • he loves his sister
  • he smiles a lot, and he has begun to chuckle at times
  • he’s got dark blue eyes and poofy-on-the-top brown hair
  • he really loves his paci…hope that proves to be ok
  • he has only just begun this last week to sleep longer than 4 hrs. at a time at night…but, this week, he began sleeping from the time i put him down for the night around 8:30pm or 9pm until close to4:30am or 5am.  yay corban!  his sister did this sooner, so i am happy to finally have a little more sleep than i was experiencing in the earlier weeks.  although, he’s not one of those babies we have to pace the hall with when he does wake up randomly in the night.  he just eats and goes back to sleep, or we plug him up with his paci…cailyn was.  if she woke up, it was all over…haha.  she didn’t use a paci until closer to 8 months.
  • basically, we love him. =)

9 weeks




Cailyn’s cool dad made her a balance beam for the back yard.  She’s good at it…



Cailyn is doing well these days.  She still has a very strong personality (like, that probably won’t ever change…hah), and we have to be fairly firm…ok, really firm with her most days, but we also get a lot of laughs out of the things she does.  I am pleased to say that she is getting a lot better at using the “good manner language” we are always reminding her to use the first time she says something…it’s nice to be able to praise her for doing that instead of saying, “how can you rephrase that in kind words?”  It’s those little things we see daily that make parenting really fun.

She and I have been doing some crafty things lately having to do with Halloween.  Not like REALLY crafty.  I’m not the most crafty gal there is.  Just like, craft projects that anybody could think up.  She painted pumpkin shapes the other day and thought it was just the best activity ever…hah.  Our sweet friends Kellan and Parker Davidson gave her a small Halloween door hanger craft to do, so we put that together today.  Thanks, guys!

yes, she is wearing a green plastic watch on both of her wrists.  thank you, McDonald’s, we wear these ALL THE TIME!


finished product…


So, in other news for Cailyn, I believe she is heading over that last hurdle in the saga called, Cailyn gets potty trained.  Do I even admit to the world wide web that, yes, it has been A LONG TIME since we began this process?!  Basically, just so you know, we began about 8 weeks before we left Costa Rica.  She had just begun to show signs before we left there that she was noticing when she had to go and that she was possibly about to begin to tell us when she had to go.  I had prayed about whether to start the process or not, and I had been prepared by some other mothers that I had talked with to expect a possible backtrack when we moved or when Corban was born, and I was prepared for that.  BUT…I had no idea it would last as long as it has.  Then, we left CR…oops.

In the first week and a half or so that we were in the States, we spent time in TN in someone else’s home and in a totally new world for Cailyn.  She started really getting mad when it was time to try and go to the bathroom.  She had a fairly rough first couple of weeks when we were back in the States for furlough, so we decided it was not a battle we should continue to fight at that time.  We kept her in a diaper a lot because of going out in public and not wanting to have a huge scene…honestly, it was just tough to fight it while at the same time living out of suitcases, me getting more pregnant by the minute, and us just being out of our norm.  So…we SORT OF kept taking her to the potty every now and then at the end of our furlough time, but we got here to Peru having backtracked a lot.

Then, our first month here consisted of us walking around the city of Lima and being in taxis A LOT.  We were house hunting, furniture shopping, stressing out about money some of the time, and NOT wanting her to pee in taxis, in her umbrella stroller that we used like 5 hours out of any given day, etc.  You get the picture.  I was also getting huge and fairly unable to put up a fight in the bathroom.  It just wasn’t happening, folks.  hah…I just laugh thinking about it all now.

So, by the time Corban was born, we hit potty training hard once more.  It honestly meant that Justin and I had to get back into the swing of things…making sure we took her to the bathroom at least every hour to try AND just leaving home in panties…no diaper.  So, we are still sort of training ourselves again, really.  It’s frustrating on the one hand, BUT…just this past week has Cailyn begun to tell us…honestly, for the first time…when she needs to go.  She has successfully stopped her play time to tell us she has to go #2…OMG!  Like…can we say…we’re hoping this is a light at the end of a dark, dark tunnel??  haha.  Anyway, please, please pray for us.  She does still have accidents (our teammates can attest to that…she pees a lot when she gets excited…haha).  We are hoping she can really get a grip on this whole using the bathroom thing.  I know it might sound silly to some, but if you have ever had a long-haul potty training experience…you know…it stinks…in more ways than one!

Basically, hindsight is 20/20.  I would have never begun this process until we got here and settled had I been able to see how it has turned out.  She was doing so well in CR, but our transitions not only made it hard on her, but it just got harder for us, too…considering our specific situations (moving, being in unfamiliar places for C, me being fat and preggo, etc).  So, now that I have admitted to all of you that we have been working on this for like 8 months or something like that…I feel like I should be embarrassed.  But…I’m not.  Maybe someone reading this will have a better/shorter time with potty training because of our story.  So, for real…please pray for us if you think about it.  Pray we can have patience with her.  Pray she will see the benefits of doing it like we adults do it. =)  Pray we can remember that she WILL learn to do this.  Thanks.

Finally, her FAVORITE, FAVORITE, FAVORITE (I could type that in caps probably 10 more times and it still wouldn’t be enough) song these days is “Awesome God” (you know…”our God, is and awesome God, he reigns, from Heaven above, with wisdom, power, and love, our God is an awesome God…”).  We listen to it all.the.time! in the car.  No kidding.  More than we listen to ANYTHING else.  So, here she is listening to it tonight on the computer.  We had to document this phase.  We can’t complain really.  What a great song to be addicted to! (you have to look kind of close at the computer screen to see the name of the song on there…in case you were wondering what the big deal was about this picture)


And that’s all for now.


3 responses to “Stuff…I feel like it’s always so random

  1. oh, man, that sweet Corban is cuter with each picture. i just can’t believe him!! Can i say your hair is cuter each time i see it too!! Justin, you are the best dad, the balance beam will be a hit!! The curl in the middle of Cailyn’s forehead is just too much. Her determined personality will be great when she gets to be a teenager, she will be able to deal great with peer pressure like both of you did!! I could tell Cailyn had a likin’ to singing when i was there!! Dear Father, you have given me much JOY with my family!! Alison you are the best to post all of this, i feel not so far away…peace

  2. You are not alone. Potty training was THE most challenging parenting ordeal. I remember thinking at the time “this is torture.” Of course, when it was all said and done, Mike said, “That wasn’t so bad.” No, it wasn’t for the hour and a half he spent with them after work. 🙂 ha!

    I remember setting a timer with Chloe and taking her every 17 minutes throughout the day. Oh…so not fun.

    If it gives you any hope, Isaiah potty trained himself. Seriously. One day he said he wanted to wear underwear and that was it. Maybe that’ll be sweet Corban!

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