I love this time of year…just like almost everyone else, I guess.

I feel like EVERYONE posts about how they love Fall, or October, or the holiday season, or…whatever else falls between Oct. 1-ish and the end of December.  Well, I am the same way, but it just looks different for me this year…and years to come.  We are headed out of our “cold” season here (not like it gets cold in the States by any means, but chilly nonetheless), so the emotions and all of the wonderful things that people in the States like October-December for are just not happening.  You know, the leaves changing colors, pumpkins and stuff like that on people’s porches, the Thanksgiving/Fall decor that comes out in the stores (we already have Christmas stuff here), etc.  Well, there is a Halloween candy aisle at the grocery store I shop at with a fake spider web hung all around it.  I shouldn’t forget to mention that, I guess.  haha.  That’s about it.  Despite that, I am PUMPED to have some sunny weather these next few months!  It lifts my spirits, and a day that starts out sunny for sure just feels better right now.

Anyway, they do celebrate Halloween here in a similar way to what we are used to from back in the USA, so we do plan to take advantage of that.  I’ll have to post about how that goes in a few weeks.  I couldn’t let the month go by and not have some cute Halloween stuff for the kids to wear, so I got online recently and had some shirts sent to my mom so that she could then send them our way.  I figure if I want the kids to have something cute to wear for a specific holiday and it not to cost a load of money, I might be shopping online like that for each holiday…we’ll see.  Maybe I can find a store here with a good selection of holiday clothes.  For now, though, online it is.  So, Old Navy didn’t disappoint.  Here they are…just too cute!DSC_0095

Don’t you just wanna squeeze them?!

We’ve had some other changes around here, too.  As of Sunday, Corban was 8 weeks old.  Time is going by too fast it seems.  He grows up every day.  He is becoming entertained by his crazy (and loud) sister, so I have found myself sitting him in his little seat next to her when she is eating breakfast or lunch so that I can have both hands free.  He is happy for some time just watching her and listening to her high-pitched little voice.  She usually talks to him or sings, and I love it that he is entertained.  Cailyn is very into saying, “He’s MY brother, and I love him” these days.  It makes us laugh…yes, it’s sweet, but also funny to me.  She is a great big sister.

8 weeks



Finally, I also changed my look.  I got my hair cut pretty short last year around the end of the summer when we lived in TN.  I loved how it looked (especially the day it was cut…which I can never duplicate), so I took a picture of myself to a “peluqueria” (salon) near my house to try and come out looking similar.  I was just ready for a change again.  My friend and teammate, Stephanie Fletcher, reminded me a few days before I got it cut that last year I had told her “I will never get my hair cut this short again”, but I did it anyway.  I had said that because my hair is so thick and generally gets frizzy and poofy when it’s humid, so a short cut can go awry really fast when I have straightened my hair.  Just after I got it cut last year, we entered rainy season in Costa Rica…bad news.  So, I tried to wait this time until it was a little less overcast and humid-like outside.  Hopefully it proves to be a good choice.  Anyway, all that to say…I have short hair again.


I had been nervous about getting my hair cut here, and I had been thinking, “you were so dumb not to get your hair cut when you went back to TN in May!”, but I just decided to go for it.  The street just next to ours (back to back with us) has several salons on it, so I just decided which one looked the best from the outside and went in to make an appointment this past Saturday.  I was very pleased with my choice!  Not only do I like my haircut, but the experience was great in general.  The owner of the store, a male, is the only one that cuts hair.  Interesting.  So, one lady got me to wash my hair, and just when I thought she was done washing my hair, she gave me a nearly 20 minute head/neck/shoulder/upper back massage!  It was amazing.  Then, she took me to my chair where another woman combed my hair out and separated it to prepare it to be cut.  Then, I watched as the owner made his way from chair to chair just cutting hair and handing each woman off then to have her hair dried and straightened in most cases by another worker.  The same happened to me.  The boss (it was clear he was in charge) cut my hair, and then he passed me off to another chair to get my hair styled by yet a different woman that I had not come into contact with until that point.  Overall it was a neat experience.  I could tell there were a lot of “regulars” that came in and out while I was there, so it made me feel good about what my hair was going to look like when it was all said and done.  I plan to go back again, if not for a good hair cut, then for the massage!

So, that’s what’s going on in our house.


9 responses to “I love this time of year…just like almost everyone else, I guess.

  1. Great hair cut! I’ve always thought you have such pretty hair. Something about this time of year always gets me itching to chop mine off (which makes no sense, since you would think I’d want to cut it in the heat of the summer, not when it starts to cool off).

    Love the fall outfits and look forward to hearing about how you guys celebrate.

  2. Your hair looks great! You get a wash/great head massage here in Thailand too–we love it! Little Corban is precious! And I know it is so fun to watch them be together. Cailyn sounds like such a fun sister to have! Beautiful kids! We painted pumpkins today since they only have little green ones here…it is fun to be creative with the holidays. We are planning a little Halloween party for the kids next week. Didn’t think about Old Navy/holiday clothes-but thanks for the idea! 🙂 It is weird because it doesn’t feel like October at all–we are so hot and just hoping it will get a little cooler soon. Glad yall are getting some sunshine and warmth. Love you guys and praying for your team.

  3. First off, precious hair! I know what you mean about the “poof” though- my thick hair likes to poof when short. But I find that the Chi can work miracles, and short hair is much easier to straighten. Plus, it looks cute pinned back in a pony tail!

    Corban looks like a little man- he is so precious! I love his dark hair and sweet face. He looks like he’s grown, each time you post new photos!

    Love the Halloween shirts! Your family is beautiful, Alison! 🙂

  4. Love the hair! My hair can poof big time without the right products. Let me know if you have trouble and I can recommend or send you some things for you to try!

  5. your hair is adorable!! I love those smiles on the kids’ faces!! it looks like to me Corban is going to have a zillon goofy faces like you caught Cailyn having when she was so young. love you!!

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