What we do…

Here’s what we’ve been up to in pictures mostly.

More fun activities. My mom gave me this cool book, Mommy Teach Me!, a while back, and I read half of it in Costa Rica and the rest here in Peru. The author, Barbara Curtis, gives some wonderful ideas on things to do with your preschool aged kids, and she makes some great points about how to really figure out how your child works and functions. I enjoyed it, and I’ve been trying to put some of it into practice. It’s been fun.

Glitter and Glue.  Messy, but we did it on the back patio, so I just had to sweep well when we were finished.  She did great, and it was fun to see her excited that I was allowing her to do it all alone.  Patience.  It took patience. =)


Pouring.  This was one of the ideas in the book, so I bought lentils.  She played here for quite some time.  She even peed on herself and I had to remind her that just because she was having fun didn’t mean she could sit in a puddle of pee.  Good times.



This wasn’t from the book, but I bought Cailyn a pair of her own scissors a few months ago, and she LOVES them.  I’ve written about it on here before I’m pretty sure.  Anyway, we’ve designated a few of her coloring books as “cutting books”.  She goes to town…


Nana gave us a really cool Coloring Apron.  The apron came with crayons that go into tiny pockets in the front.  Cailyn loves to color, so this was a special treat.



SUN!!!!!  We’ve been having sunny days lately.  Not scorching hot like Texas summers, but getting less chilly.  The wind sometimes makes it a little cooler, but we’ve had some hotter days as of late.  We pulled out the water hose again.  The yard gets watered, and she has fun, too.  We all benefit.




Justin is the best dad, and Cailyn just adores him.  The other night we went for a walk before dinner, and Justin bought Cailyn some cotton candy from a vendor on the road.  We came back home and had a movie night after eating dinner.  Cailyn had never seen “Finding Nemo”, so we found it on YouTube and watched it while munching on some stove-top-popped popcorn and cotton candy…very fun.




There are a couple of Organic Markets here on Saturday mornings near our home, and we’ve been meeting the Davidsons, our teammates, there for the past few weeks to do some shopping and to let the kids enjoy the park.  There is everything from clothes, jewelry, and kids toys to fruits and veggies, yogurt, cheese, breads, etc.  It’s great fun, and Tara and I have loved the chance to shop solo while the kids are off enjoying the great outdoors.  This past week the dads got the kids some snacks from one of the vendors, so here they are chillin’ and chompin’ on some great organic goodies.  Aren’t these 3 just too cute?


Baby Brother has been doing well, too.  He was 7 weeks this past Sunday, and he just continues to bless our family.  He is awake more these days, more fussy on occasions than he has been in the past (but still really easy), and cuter every minute!  We just love him.




So, that’s it for now.  Hopefully soon we can update you on what we’ve got going as a team here.  If you want to pray for us, we would love specific prayers for the people we are hoping to have in our home soon for a weekly Bible Study.  That is just one thing going on, but Mark C. and Justin and I are working on getting a neighborhood study going.  Also, we’ve begun meeting as a team to practice singing many different songs in Spanish.  We’ve enjoyed our time, laughed at ourselves a lot, and look forward to having Peruvians join us in our worship time soon!


3 responses to “What we do…

  1. great stuff! am excited for your home study opportunities coming your way…looking forward to the summer weather when we visit in december and going to the fountain park!!! daddyO

  2. Great update, Alison! Love the “pouring” pics, and the one of Cailyn in her mismatched socks (Norah used to do that all the time and it made me smile to remember it). I’ll be praying for the neighborhood study. What a great opportunity!

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