Divine Day

God has blessed me with a wonderful day so far.  Cailyn and I had a great time this morning getting into lots of things while Corban (yes, once again) was sleeping.  First, we made different pictures for the end of popsicle sticks like the sunbeam my mom made for Cailyn while she was here.  It was great.  Cailyn LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to cut things.  Well…paper.  If we just gave her an old coloring book or scrap paper, she would cut away for like an hour if we let her.  She is constantly saying, “I want CUT!” (“i want to cut”).  So, she traced on my dotted lines, and I assisted her cutting each shape out.  Then, we glued them each at the end of a popsicle stick.  I then put contact paper around each one to preserve them, and we sang songs pertaining to each one.  Here’s what they look like, and with each one, she would hold it up and wave it around as we sang a song that had to do with that picture (i.e. for the heart we sang a song like “God is Love”, for the Jesus we sang a song like “Jesus love me”, etc.)  We laughed a lot and had a great time.


My mom also brought a growth chart with her, and we JUST now got it hung up.  Cailyn loved seeing how tall she was.  She’s really into being tall…not sure why.


(yes, she does have her mickey mouse socks on with this outfit…in case you were wondering)

After cutting and gluing, we had fun making chocolate covered pretzels.  Messy, but delicious!



and after this, she washed her hands played in the water while I made her lunch…you might notice the ENTIRE front of her shirt is soaked.


so, yes, we had a great morning, and now BOTH of the kids are sleeping.  That’s what topped it off for me!


Corban was 5 wks. old on Sunday, so I took some pictures.  Cailyn wouldn’t have it for me to stop at taking pictures of just him.  Poor Corban.  Anyway, here’s what I got…

5 weeks old!


And this next picture is what I got when I told Cailyn to give Corban some kisses for the picture.  We’ll work on it…


Finally, the next picture I thought was funny because they each sort of have the same look on their faces.  Most of the time this is what Cailyn does when we ask her to smile, and that’s all Corban can do for now..haha



Last, but NOT least.  Our teammates, the Fletchers, found out that due to the position of their soon-to-be-born baby boy, their Dr. wants to deliver him on Monday!!!  We are so excited for them that they will be welcoming a sweet boy soon.  They have had an incredible (in all senses of the word – good and not so good) last year, and we’re so glad to be welcoming another baby into their family!  Please pray that all goes well on Monday.


6 responses to “Divine Day

  1. Alison and Justin, you all have such sweet and beautiful children! I pray this next year is full of joy for each of you. Cailyn and Corban are two very lucky children to have you two. Loved the popsicle sticks and songs idea… I made note of that for future little Frenches! Haha. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey,
    I loved the pictures. We must catch up soon. Corban looks so much like you, those big brown eyes. I can’t believe how big Cailyn is getting too. looks like you had so me good mother daughter time. Love you

  3. What beautiful babies you have!! Little Corban is a doll baby! I just want to squeeze his cute little face. Precious! I am so happy for you! Praying for you often.

  4. Corbin is getting big already. I didnt realize he was already 5 weeks old. He looks a lot like Caitlyln. What fun you seem to be having with them. We miss you. I got to see Hannah last weekend and her beautiful engagement ring. She looks so happy. Take care!

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