One Month

It is so hard to believe Corban is a month old (well, 2 days ago).  He is just the most precious baby ever, and he is proving to be fairly easy-going.  I think that has some to do with the fact that we are more laid back as 2nd-time parents, but he is also very easy.  At his appointment on Monday, the Dr. said he was looking good, he has grown from 51cm at birth to 55cm now (21.65 in.), and I’m pretty sure (his weight stats are in the side console of the car, so I don’t have them handy now to put on here) he might just now be about the size his sister was when she was born.  He has the tiniest little chicken legs ever, but we are beginning to see some little rolls form on his thighs.  Cailyn came out with like 4 rolls on each thigh.  Somehow, our daughter was born (and still has) what every girl always tries to get rid of…chunky thighs, and our son was born with skinny legs…NOT every boy’s dream.  haha.  Good thing they’re still both little and have no clue the demands our society puts on self-image!  We think they’re both perfect…of course. =-)

Cailyn is still doing very well with Corban.  She basically has about 5 phrases she says about him when she sees him.  1. “You change him?!”, 2. “You feed him?!”, 3. “He little!”, 4. “He happy!”, or 5. “He crying!”  Yup…that about sums it up, doesn’t it.  He really doesn’t do much else…haha.  Soon, she might add, “He smiling” to her list.  He is beginning to really perk up more when he notices people talking to him.  There’s no way he can miss it when Cailyn is talking to him, because she is basically nose-to-nose with him.  Oh, the life of a newborn with an older sibling that is 2.  Never dull.

Here’s our sweet Corban:


I tried out a paci the other day for the first time…he’s a pro!  He kept it in on his own for like 15 min. straight.  Cailyn never wanted a paci until she was about 7-8m old.  Looks like he might like his…


I could just gobble him up!


I’ve tried to be very scheduled with my time with Cailyn during the days.  I know all children do better when they have attention usually, but our child REALLY does better with specific daily activities and not a ton (or even a little for that matter) of piddle-around time.  Otherwise, we have chaotic and overly dramatic days.  I was just telling my sister this morning that Cailyn is a mixture of strong-willed and sensitive.  It’s a dangerous combo, let me tell you!  In any moment she could be screaming “NO!” and deliberately disobeying us, or she could be CHOOSING time-out or a spanking OVER obeying us (not caring whatsoever that she has to be punished), while in the next moment crying because she is just torn to pieces that she has to sit in time-out or is not getting her way.  This is thanks to mixing a personality like mine and a personality like Justin’s.  Yes, we are always required to be on our toes.  Despite this, she can be just the sweetest thing sometimes.  Anyway, she and I had some fun, quality time during one of Corban’s naps recently (oh, so important these days!), so here’s what we did.




After I took these pictures, she asked me to take more of her smiling…priceless…



fun times.  She’s a mess.

6 responses to “One Month

  1. I cannot believe how much Cailyn reminds me of Olivia–the way she looks and your amazing description of her personality!! 🙂 Uncanny. What beautiful children you guys have!! Hope all is well in Lima–you have a lot to adjust to, and I pray it continues to go well!
    -Tracey 🙂

  2. oh, i can’t wait to hug and kiss on them both!! i miss y’all so much!! corban looks so much like cailyn and at the same time just like you alison!! either way, they are absolutley beautiful!! just beautiful!!

    love, nana

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