We are excited to announce that my sister, Hannah, got engaged this past weekend!!!  Jason Grassie is her wonderful, new fiance (sorry, i have no clue where the accents and things go in that title), and we could not be any happier that God sent him for our Hannah.  He is fun, funny, a leader, spiritual, loves God, driven, a perfect match for Han, and even calls my parents just about as much as Hannah does (ok…maybe a little less, but they already have a great relationship!).  We were honored to get a phone call from Jason a few weeks ago asking our blessing to ask Hannah to marry him, and we let him know that he was just what we have all been praying for.  We were excited to bless him in that and even more excited to hear that he popped the question this past weekend when she went to visit him in his new home, Washington DC.  He is there for school, and once Han graduates from her program in Tulsa, she will then be moving there…after they are married.

Congrats to you both!  We love you, and we couldn’t be more excited!



4 responses to “YAY!

  1. I am so excited for Hannah! I was luck to get to see these two together when I was living in Abilene. I kind of sensed that their relationship was moving in this direction because they both seemed to be so at peace with each other. Jason, honors Hannah and the family in so many ways. Have they talked about a date yet? Send Hannah my congrats!

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