2 Great Days

Well, I could not have asked for 2 better days.  Since my parents left on Saturday night, we have had 2 successful days flying solo with 2 kids.  Mom and Dad were so helpful, it was easy to wonder if we would be able to do things on our own without their help, but God’s been faithful.  I did end up bathing Cailyn in the swimming pool shower with one hand today while holding a screaming/hungry Corban in the other after her swimming lesson was over, and I thought to myself, “it HAS begun…”  But, all I can do is laugh at how I must have looked and be glad the only other person in the bathroom at the time was my sweet teammate, Tara Davidson, who already knows the challenges of having a newborn and 2nd very small child.

Sunday was my birthday, and I was pampered by Justin, Cailyn and others throughout the day.  Justin never ceases to amaze me with his ability to purchase cute clothes for me on special occasions, and he even did it this time for a slightly larger Me.  He has heard me complain often in the past months about being tired of my maternity clothes, and now being ready (but not able) to use all of my pre-pregnancy clothes.  He did a wonderful job of gifting me with some new clothes that fit just perfectly now, and they will also fit well when I return to my normal weight eventually (hopefully!).  What better way to make your wife feel good about herself just 3 wks. after having a baby?  He’s a special one!  Cailyn sang “Happy Birthday” all day long, and then we got to celebrate with our teammates last night with some wonderful ice-cream cake that Tara D. made for me.  Great day!

Today we went and got Corban’s Peruvian birth certificate.  The way they do things here is that you get a document that is not the official birth certificate when you leave the hospital.  The thing is, only the mom’s information is on it.  So, then you have to take that with you to a certain office to get the official birth certificate that they add the father’s info. to.  We found the office alright, and we were there just behind 2 other couples with newborns.  We were excited to see that they each got their paperwork finished and were walking out with their child’s new birth certificate in like 10 min. flat.  Our turn didn’t go so fast.

I guess our guy had never dealt with a family from anywhere other than Peru, because he was gone a while from our cubicle asking other workers ?s about us.  After 20 min. or so, he came back and questioned us about our last names.  Here in Peru the people all have 2 last names…the first being their mother’s maiden name and the 2nd being their father’s last name.  So, we have been asked numerous times what our 2nd last name is, and we have to explain we only have one.  Anyway, this came up in our cubicle today with the birth cert. guy.  He questioned our names, and Justin had to explain that people usually just have one last name in the States.  The guy accepted that, but he looked confused.  So, then, after leaving and being gone for another 15 min or so, he reviews what we’ve written down about Corban, and even though we’ve already explained our last name “situation”, he says (all in spanish), “so, his 2nd last name is Thompson?  Corban Luke Thompson Thompson?”  Uh…no.  Remeber what we just told you?  Then, he proceeds to tell us that we have to have a 2nd last name for Corban.  I looked at him and sort of shrugged my shoulders like, “are we supposed to just MAKE ONE UP?”  No thanks.  Justin then told him that we didn’t want to do that and asked him why it was necessary.  He told us that Corban could have problems in the future because of the confusion caused by him having just one last name (highly unlikely I’m sure), so we HAD to put a 2nd name.  He also told us that even though people in the States usually just have one last name, we were in Peru.  They do it differently here.  I found myself feeling a bit pushed into a corner and slightly annoyed.  Justin asked what in the world kind of problems could this really cause, and the guy really couldn’t even be specific.  I was slowly becoming more and more irritated that we were being told what our child’s name had to be, but in the end we could not have our way.  We now have a son named, Corban Luke Thompson Thompson.


Surely there are Peruvians out there who just have one last name.  Now, it might mean they don’t know who their dad is, but still.  I also got annoyed because it seems that if we were in the States, we could have put 5 last names if we wanted, and nobody would have questioned what we were putting on our son’s birth certificate.  Whatever.  Hopefully we can get just one Thompson put on his US passport.  We still have to go and register him as a person at the US embassy here so that we can get his passport and visa for the US.  So much paperwork…man.

For now, I guess we have to teach him that he has 2 last names…Thompson, and………..Thompson again.  Weird.

So, we’re makin’ it.  Even though mom cooked nearly every meal while she was here, bathed Cailyn mostly every night, rocked Corban while we were busy, and did just about everything else, too, we have had 2 successful days alone so far.  We’re looking forward to more!

A few shots of important things from the last week or so…

We purchased a car!!! We are excited to have a car now so that we don’t always have to haul 2 kids around and all that goes with that when we go everywhere in the back of a taxi.  Plus…with our frequent taxi rides to get Cailyn to school and back 3 days a week as well as to swimming classes and back 2 times a week, taxi fares add up!


Mom and Dad treated us to Tony Roma’s for my birthday…




I got to celebrate my birthday with 2 sweeties…and my wonderful husband who captured this cute picture…



8 responses to “2 Great Days

  1. Glad everything went well now that you are “alone”. I laughed at your post, Ellie’s real name on her Costa Rica passport is Nancy Elliot Wall McCann. But on our US passport and birth certificate they had no problem dropping Wall (my maiden name). So you shouldn’t have any problem dropping that other Thompson. Hilarious!

  2. Corban Thompson Thompson can hopefully meet Maggie McKinzie McKinzie very soon. 🙂 I am hoping we will be there for our visas this week sometime.

    I am happy that you found a vehicle and that your parents were able to stay for so long. Your birth certificate story went much smoother than ours. Today we applied for Maggie’s Peruvian passport (easiest process of them all besides going to the US Embassy). Isn’t it fun to be the first to figure it all out?! 🙂

  3. Oh! LOL! CLTT…that is too funny. I can just imagine you guys talking to those people and then walking away going “Our baby is named C-L-Thompson Thompson….????” 🙂 What a story.

  4. Happy late birthday!

    The name story was hilarious! (Ok, probably more so on the other side of the fence, but thanks for being a good sport and posting it 🙂

    Love the birthday photo of you with the kids. What a beautiful family!

  5. Happy belated birthday, Allison Orozco Thompson. You look beautiful as always. Blessings to Justin for being such a great father and husband as well. Kathleen and Matt spent Labor Day weekend with us along with their beautiful puppies and we had a wonderful time. I’m sorry that your mother had to come home, but we missed her and had to have her back! Take care.

  6. Amen…we are so glad to have your mom back at HOPE!

    LOVED the birth certificate story…don’t be surprised if he gets the nickname “TT” or “Tom Tom” at school!!!

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