2 Adorable Faces, a 1/2 marathon, and Corban’s birth story…i know…that’s a lot.

Just thought I would first share 2 of my favorite pictures from this last week.

Could he be any sweeter?

pretty sure he has a receding hair line already…haha


It’s mandatory for all girls/women to wear swim caps when in the pool where Cailyn has her swim lessons, so here she is in hers…I honestly could just gobble her up I think she looks so cute in her cap.  She is also great at putting it on…with a little help, of course.



We are doing well now 11 days into this 2 kid thing.  There have been some honestly really difficult moments with Cailyn a few times, but we are all learning how to overcome some of this newness and difficulty in transition.  On the flip side of that, we have also had some wonderful moments with both of our kids in these past 11 days that have made us smile and feel full of Joy.  God can renew our spirits in great ways, and I have found myself thinking and even saying out loud, “Oh…God knew I needed that!” several times in this past week and few days.  Just when it can feel so overwhelming, God sweeps in to remind us that He knows, He understands, and He is in control!  Praise him for that, because there have for SURE been moments these past few days when we were completely OUT of control as parents…or at least it felt that way.  Overall, God has truly blessed us with our new family of 4, and I know he won’t leave us hanging when it comes to giving us the strength and wisdom of how to raise our 2 sweet ones.

This is literally what Cailyn does the entire time she holds Corban…

DSC_0485just too sweet…and also one of those “God knows I need this now” moments. =)

Justin ran in Lima’s half marathon (the 100th one put on like this one…it was pretty cool) this past Sunday morning…he did great considering he hasn’t had much time lately to run.  I pretty much told him he was crazy for throwing himself into a run like that after not having run much at all lately (i know…very unsupportive of me), and I had to eat my words, because he ran just under what he felt was a reasonable expectation for himself considering his lack of training.  We had a great time meeting him at 3 different spots – 2 in this cool park near the ocean here, and the finish was at an even cooler park near downtown…full of awesome fountains…


during the race…J stuck out like a REALLY SORE thumb…haha


doesn’t he look great?! (not sure how great he felt, but he was lookin’ strong)

we’re very happy to announce that this old man, who did run with no shoes at least for the entire time we saw him, finished AFTER Justin did…


after the race…

(we had this older peruvian lady take this…i literally almost lost it laughing and was saying, “we’re over here!” while she took the picture…i wasn’t sure she would even get us all in it…that’s why there’s so much scenery involved below)


I think Justin really enjoyed this experience, and we were extremely thankful to Mark C. for meeting him at more stops than the rest of us could to help him with water and things as well as helping my mom, the kids, and me find Justin in the end.  We owe him quite a bit for all he has helped our family with lately…We love you, Mark!


(I just reread what I have written below, and if you don’t care to read about Corban’s birth story…look no further!  Just a warning that it is LONG.  I meant not to write so much, but in my true fashion, I was detailed.  So…consider my post over for yourself if you aren’t into reading details about 1 day of a person’s life!  Otherwise, read on!)

Last, I thought I would give the details of our day on August 23rd…Corban’s birthday.  It was honestly quite a whirlwind of a day, and looking back, I can say with certainty that God took care of us in ways I had prayed for but also in ways I had not even thought about before.

Going into the last weeks before my mom arrived here, I realized there was almost nothing I was nervous about as far as delivering the baby would go (I probably would have been had I been able to see into the future…haha..so, thank God we can’t do that!), but the one thing that brought me to tears one night as I lay in bed with Cailyn praying for her after she had fallen asleep was that I was fairly worried about the timing of everything, WHO was going to care for Cailyn, and WHAT they would have to do for her in the amount of time we would be gone to the hospital.  That specific night I began to almost feel sorry for myself that I wasn’t living in a place where all of our family was available to help and where we had a huge church family that included a few families who would be waiting just to find out what they could do to help us (pitiful, I know).  After a good cry that night and talking to Justin, I decided to just write some in my journal about how I was feeling and begin to pray more specifically about my worry.  It wasn’t so much for myself, but for Cailyn.  I just saw her that night in her bed asleep looking so small and innocent.  She had no idea what was about to happen in our family, and I just felt so unable to control (which is what God wants anyway, right?) how things would play out for her in the hours that I began labor and at the point in which I had to leave home to head to the hospital.  As those last weeks went by, I honestly felt a peace that God would work it out, and that was no longer something I felt I needed to continue worrying about.  Besides, we all know how unpredictable a baby’s birth date can be.

Just a side note:  We had wonderful teammates here when Corban was born that cared for us in amazing ways, but the night I had my little worry session, the Davidson family happened to be on a trip back to the States, and Mark C. had not yet moved here.  So, although I knew those things would change by the time Corban was born, I was allowing the reality of that day to take over my emotions…Justin reminded me of that later.  Aren’t husbands great when you aren’t thinking straight?!

As those of you who keep up with our blog probably know, August 19th, my original due date, came and went.  That was disappointing in some ways, but more just because I was physically tired and fairly weak from being in the end of my pregnancy.  So, when the morning of the 23rd came, I wasn’t expecting for that to be the day…since EVERY day before that had not been THE day.

We went to church that morning at a church we’ve enjoyed visiting on Sunday mornings called Camino de Vida.  After that, we went and had lunch at Norky’s, a chicken place that is really pretty good, with the Yoakum family.  I wore some black dress pants to church that morning, and by the time lunch was over, I felt like the elastic waist band was literally strangling my waist.  REALLY uncomfy would be an understatement.  We got home around 1:30pm, and once Cailyn was down for her nap I found myself just sitting at the dining room table recovering from having such tight-waisted pants on for so many hours.  By that time I had put my wonderful stretch pants on, and I just knew I would have some relief soon.  Then, around 2pm I told my mom that my lower abdomen area was still hurting from having those horrible pants on, and it was even hurting all the way around into my lower back.  Dumb me…those were contractions beginning to start.  So, at 2:30pm I layed down on the couch to watch a movie, because I just knew I would feel better getting a load off.  I also went and told Justin, who was outside building a small bookshelf for our front toy room, that I wasn’t sure, but that these pains had sort of continued and I knew that laying down on the couch for a while would tell me whether or not they were contractions.  Mom was taking advantage of the quiet house and napping at this point, so I thought I wouldn’t wake her in case it was nothing.  At 3pm I decided to grab my spiral notebook and time these pains, because I was pretty sure they were too consistent to not be real contractions.  I was trying not to get my hopes up, because I didn’t want to get all excited only to realize they were subsiding…although, they were beginning to hurt worse as time went on, and in the moment I probably would have said…ok, they can stop now!

5:30pm rolled around, and I had been timing my contractions for a while.  I was for sure they were the real deal, and they were hurting enough to make me have to stop talking, stop dead in my tracks, and breathe deep, yet I knew they weren’t the worst of it all.  Uh…that was to come.

About that time I realized with my contractions being about 6 min. apart, I probably better go ahead and shave my legs.  Why didn’t I do this at like 3pm when things began?  I’m not sure, but I headed upstairs to start my bath water, and Justin came with me so I could get him to write down and continue recording how often I was having contractions.  By the time I had made it upstairs to our bathroom, I had stopped twice because of contractions, and it was making me feel like I needed to rush to get my legs in an appropriate fashion…=).  I started my bath water, and I had another fairly strong contraction.  At that point, I was thinking, “maybe I should call my Dr…those happened really close together.”  Justin agreed, so I stopped the bath water…stink.  Dr. A would just have to deal with my semi-hairy legs…surely he sees that a lot, right?

The way things work here, or at least with my Dr. and his clinic, is that when you go into labor, you call him, and he warns the clinic that you’re coming.  Then, he meets you there immediately, and he never leaves the clinic until the baby has arrived.  That gave me peace knowing he would be there at any given moment.  So, I called him around 6pm, and by 6:30pm Justin and I were in a taxi and on our way to the clinic…just 5 min. down the road.  We were so blessed that Cailyn had already had dinner, thanks to mom, and mom decided to stay home with her until she heard from us after we were checked in to the hospital (Praise God for working all of this out so far!)

When we arrived at the hospital, the receptionist right inside immediately said, “Señora Thompson?”, and when I said that, yes, that’s who I was, she directed us to the 3rd floor.  The minute we walked off the elevator onto the 3rd floor, the nurses were literally standing there waiting for me, and they showed me to my room…no paperwork.  It was great.  Within 5 min., I had my hospital gown on, I was in the bed, and I was hooked up to the monitor that detects your contractions and the baby’s heartbeat.  All fairly similar to how it works in the States.  Then, the nurse informed me that I had dilated to about 5cm.  Hmmm…way farther than I had expected.  I was prepared for her to say, “well, 2cm!” or something like that.  Nice surprise.

Then, about 10 min. later, Dr. A. showed up to check in on me.  He agreed with the nurses findings as far as my progress went, and he told me he thought I needed to get my epidural right then or it might be too late.  All of a sudden, I was feeling just slightly overwhelmed at how fast things were going.  I looked at J and mouthed, “CALL MOM PLEASE.”

Within 10 min., the anesthesiologist was there, and they had me laying on my side, balled up, and ready to insert my epidural.  I held onto Justin’s hand so tight, because I was so nervous.  I found myself straining my brain just to know exactly what they were telling me in Spanish, and at the same time, I was wide-eyed and mouthing to J…”tell me EXACTLY what they are doing NOW…ok, NOW…and…are they inserting the needle NOW?!”  Not sure why I was so nervous to get my epidural.  I think it was because it was happening like 20 min. after I had even just arrived at the hospital, and there were like 6 different nurses in the room all talking in Spanish to me and one another as I was laying all vulnerable on my bed.  Plus…what if mom arrived too late?!

God came through…doesn’t he always.  Mom got there just a few min. after my epidural was in.  Mark C. had made his way to our house, and he took over the care of Cailyn.  He had a taxi all ready for mom when he arrived, so she didn’t even have to use her 2 phrases of Spanish that she had been practicing since arriving here!  I nearly immediately felt my legs tingling, so I was sure I would reach NO FEELING soon.  Around 7:30pm they informed me that I had reached almost 8cm.  The nurses were SO EXTREMELY attentive, and they were coming in about every 20 min. or so.  I felt very cared for, and with each visit they made, they were giving me news that I was progressing.

Close to 7:45pm or so, I told J and my mom that it was odd to me that I could still move my legs and feel my toes.  I had been completely limp when I had my epidural with Cailyn, so this began to worry me.  Along with that, I was starting to feel like the baby was literally pushing it’s way out.  I turned to mom and asked if she thought I should call the nurse, and just as I asked, the nurse walked in.  I informed her that there was quite a bit of pressure I was feeling, so she acknowledged me and left almost immediately.  In a couple of minutes, the pressure was strengthening, and I was sure it was NOT normal contractions.  The Dr. peeked his head in, and I fairly worried-like, said, “I am feeling A LOT of pressure.”  He immediately checked and saw that I was at 9cm.  He told the nurses to get me down to the delivery room.

UH…WHAT?!  I had no idea until that night that I was going to have to be wheeled through the halls of the clinic to get to the actual delivery room.  I was pretty sure I was NOT going to make it to wherever we had to go, but I held on to the hope that I would.  How could this be happening?  I felt like we had literally just pulled up to the clinic in our taxi!  The nurses preceded to UNhook me from everything minus my IV with fluids.  I didn’t really pay much attention to this until we were heading down the hall and my pain was nearly immediately getting worse.  One short little nurse, who had not been caring for me previously, was doing her best to wheel my bed through my doorway, down the hall, into the elevator (that was just large enough for my bed to even fit in), and out through the first floor to the tiny little hallway that led to the delivery dungeon.  Well, at least that’s how it all looked to me.

Mom and Justin had to part ways with me when the little nurse go to the double doors of the delivery area, and she told them to go ask the receptionist for scrubs…huh?  Sort of a weird process, but whatever.  They said later that they were 100% confused, but finally realized that after they got their scrubs, my Dr. was going to come out and show them in through another door so that they could be with me during delivery.  Meanwhile, I was NOT having such a great time.

The little nurse then stopped rolling my bed when we entered into this open area of the delivery ward (i honestly have no idea what the delivery area was called…that’s why i keep calling it random things), and she left me for what seemed like 10 really agonizing minutes…it was probably more like 2 minutes…but agonizing nonetheless.  By this time, my rather weak epidural had nearly completely lost it’s affect, and my body was shaking like I had never shaken before.  It was in those minutes alone that I began to pray out loud, “God please have mercy on me!”  I almost laugh at myself now, but I have never experienced so much pain in my life, and it all seemed worse due to the fact that I NEVER expected to be going through it quite like that.  I was feeling a bit alone (well, I literally was for those few minutes), and I was also a bit scared seeing as I had NO CLUE where mom and Justin were and if I would see them around the next corner or not.  Finally, the nurse did continue to pull my bed around the corner, and I was praising JESUS because my Dr. was standing there.  I immediately informed him that I was fairly certain the baby was literally about to push itself out of me, so he then stood there in the hall of the delivery area (although we were not yet in the actual delivery room), and he checked me to see about my progress.  His eyes got a little wide as he said I was at 10cm and gave instructions for the 2 nurses standing there to hurry and get me to the delivery room.  YES PLEASE!

Within seconds, we were rounding the corner into the rather tiny little room.  They asked me to then move myself from my bed over onto the delivery bed…which I thought looked like a dentist’s chair.  In the moments that I was struggling to pull myself over onto the new bed, I came to realize the full extent of the LACK of work my epidural had done.  It hit me that much pain was coming my way.  I got a little more scared.  I did not feel prepared for that.  AND…WHERE WERE MOM AND JUSTIN?!  I continued to ask “Dónde está mi esposo?!” (like…where the heck is my husband?!) in between my gasps for air and the immense pain coming from this baby nearly pushing it’s way out on it’s own.  I was convinced in that moment that neither mom nor Justin was going to witness his birth!

Within a few more minutes, they both had in fact made it into the room, and I had grabbed mom’s hand and begun to squeeze as hard as I could.  Justin stood by my side as well just stroking my hair to calm me.  As the Dr. and nurses continued to gather their supplies I knew I was not going to be able to wait, so I said to my Dr. in the middle of my gasping for air, “I HAVE TO PUSH!”  He agreed that I could push with my next contraction, which happened in seconds, and with 3 pushes, Corban was out.  8:30pm.  I have never felt pain the way I did in those moments.  I was literally bawling so hard I couldn’t stop…yes, it was a sight.  I am pretty sure I looked like those women in the movie scenes that we all usually refer to as “faking it.”  I really did bawl, I really did yell, and I sounded probably like I was dying a horrible death…haha.  Corban’s cord had wrapped around his neck in the few days since my last sonogram, so in between my 2nd and final push, Dr. A had to cut it sooner than expected.

The pediatrician was also in the delivery room, and he immediately took Corban and weighed him.  We found out in kilos how much he weighed (well, mom and J did…I was still bawling and had no clue what was going on), so none of us really had tons of an idea of what he weighed until an hour or so later when we could convert the #s on our computer calculator…haha.  There was nothing in the delivery room for the pediatrician to use to really clean Corban or do all that they did at least for Cailyn in the hospital in the States, so he was nearly immediately taken, and we literally did not see him again for a couple of hours.  This was probably the biggest difference in the whole process of his birth that I wish we could have changed (well, that and the fact that I had to move to another place to push…and another bed), but we lived through it. =-)

After giving me shots so that I couldn’t feel the Dr. stitching me up…shots that really didn’t fully help…I layed there feeling slightly overwhelmed that everything had just gone down the way it had.  Oh well…guess I can say I did it now that we’re on the other side.  By 9pm we were back in my original room, and Justin was out bringing me Chili’s for dinner from across the street.  Oh…but, on the way back to my room, the wheel of my bed broke as the nurses were trying to push me out of the elevator, so I had to uncover from my blankets and move my very sore self onto another bed right there in the middle of the hallway.  Interesting.  We all laughed when it was all said and done about the few things we had all been surprised or confused by, and I honestly felt immensely better when those approximately 45 horrible minutes of pain were over than I did after having Cailyn.  I had more energy and everything.  Go figure.  With Cailyn, I pushed for 2.5 hours!

When I left the hospital, I felt very free to say that my experience of having our first child in a foreign country was good.  The care was wonderful, and I felt very much looked after in a tender way.  Although I wasn’t 100% sure of what they were telling me 100% of the time, there was in fact mostly successful communication going on, and I received the things I needed when I needed them.  I am glad to have gone through this experience, and I am so thankful to be able to credit God with all that He smoothed over for me throughout the whole process.

Praise His Wonderful Name!


10 responses to “2 Adorable Faces, a 1/2 marathon, and Corban’s birth story…i know…that’s a lot.

  1. Loved the details. There are at least 2 things that I laughed out loud about because of the similar experience, “Donde esta mi esposo!” and feeling the stitching afterwards. Oh, and b/c I wasn’t given the option of the epidural, I told Greg afterwards that I so felt like the woman on the movies in Stone Age times. 🙂

    I love the picture of Cailyn kissing Corban. Maggie is so huge now. I can’t wait for her to meet Corban. Blessings to you all. Our visa process is underway so I look forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Oh, Alison! Your story made me cry. I was feeling the drama and the intensity of it all. I was alone when I was about to push with Phoebe. Why? Because Mike has gone to get a snack and was taking a stroll around St. J’s!!! It was a terrible feeling. He made it back in time though, thankfully!

    I, too, cried so much with Phoebe. I think it was the overwhelming feeling of love. I knew how much I adored C and the thought of having another one just made me bawl.

    I remember crying so much after C came to visit me in the hospital after I had P. I felt so guilty b/c she had to go home without me and she was so little and she didn’t understand (etc, etc). About that time, Larry and Ann Claborn walked in my room. They probably thought I was a total basket case. Well, I was. But it was embarrassing to be that “out of sorts” in front of people.

    So thankful all is well. I love the name Corban. The pics of the kids are precious!!! Sending our love to each of you…

  3. Skip the details? No way! LOVED your story…made me have a giant throat lump!

    Congrats to Speed Racer, too…the half marathon looked fun, and those parks–WOW!

  4. Well that sure was an unforgettable experience! Holy cow! I laughed out loud when I read the part about shaving your legs! Ha! Sweet Corban is absolutely precious and beautiful! What a sweet blessing.

  5. Wow! What a story. I had it bookmarked in my feed reader so I could take my time reading it. Praise God and all his wonderful blessings. Corban is a wonderful name for a precious child.

    My epidural never worked right with Noelle. That’s a hard situation because you’re in for a natural childbirth, without being able to prepare mentally. I remember thinking, “Wow, I’m going to have to do this without meds. Bummer.” And then I was glad she was the third and not the first. It’s nice to know that once pushing gets there it’s almost over.=)

    Take care and get some rest. Love, the Joneses

  6. you are quite the story teller, Alison! I laughed a lot at the “Senora Thompson?” part and ppl looked at me a lil’ bit in the computer lab haha. 🙂 I’m glad everything worked out and I can’t wait to see Corban (and I guess you guys) in December! LoL

  7. Great story except you forgot to put the most terrible part of all…that Corban’s Aunt Sister was unable to attend because she’s strapped down in Tulsa. That’s okay. December is nearly upon us!
    Love the swimcap-chunky-faced Cailyn.

  8. I held my breath through your entire story, what a BLESSING!! Whew! This will be so great for Corban to read when he is older!! :O

    You look so amazingly beautiful after all that! Where in the world did you find the energy to go up the stairs when fretting about hairy legs?!? That was some adrenalin rush! 🙂 The picture you painted in my mind was so hilarious!! Tight waistband, wow , that must have inspired Corban to greet the world after missing his due date by almost a week.

    Corban is just gorgeous looks so precious and sweet. Love the pic with Big Sis Cailyn, she grows cuter with each picture you post. I am so glad you took the time to write and share the birthing experience. Breathless and divine!

    Prayers going up…peace coming down. Your family is a fantastic four.

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