Corban Luke Thompson

Wow.  This is Alison.  I NEVER expected this day to play out the way it did.  I looked at my watch at 6:30pm, and we were headed to the hospital in a taxi.  Corban was born at 8:30pm on the dot…well, at least that’s  the moment I remember looking at the clock.  2 HOURS…what?!  My birth story for him is so completely different than my story with Cailyn, so I will post more about it later.  But, we just wanted to let everyone know that Corban was born a healthy baby boy, and I am feeling as best as can be expected…I guess…haha.

He is 7 lbs. 15 oz., and I still don’t have a clue how long he is…one of the differences of being in Peru as opposed to Texas.  They let me hold him right away, but they whisked him off fairly fast to do all that they do…not sure what all that is.  I wasn’t in the best state to ask many ?s when the nurse guy was saying, “We’ll bring him to your room in a couple of hours.”  Makes me a bit nervous, but at least we got to see him for a bit.  He has a lot (or more than Cailyn did anyway) of DARK hair, and his skin is darker than hers.  Maybe he favors me a bit. =)

We have pictures…only a few.  Like I said, it was nuts in the delivery room, so Justin tried as hard as he could to snap away, but it was a VERY different experience than being in the States.  So, as soon as Corban gets to the room, I will have Justin post some.  He is out getting me some Chili’s for dinner…yes, there is a Chili’s JUST ACROSS THE STREET!  Thank you everyone for your prayers.  We feel so happy and blessed.

OH…big sister Cailyn was already asleep for the night, but she will find out bright and early that she has a new baby brother.  I can’t wait!


13 responses to “Corban Luke Thompson

  1. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. so glad i got to see you all shortly after his birth. my spirit leaped for joy to see honey holding Corban last night. i so look forward to singing to Cailyn and Corban about our Jesus who loves them. Love, daddyO

  2. So excited for you guys and love the name. I can totally relate to things being completely “different” than expected with delivery. I will be praying for your recovery and healing. Take care and enjoy being a family of 4.

  3. Congratulations! I’m so happy to hear he’s here and everything is going well. (And seriously can’t wait to hear about giving birth in a hospital in Peru.=) Enjoy that new baby smell. Love, the Joneses

  4. Crying tears of joy and gratitude for you guys here. So happy that everyone is well and happy. We’ll be praying for you here 🙂
    Love Curtis, Tricia and Lucas

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