T – (minus)…oh, wait…I’m due today.

Yes…today is my due date…August 19th.  As of Monday evening at my last appointment, my Dr. said…”Nothing so far.”  Yay.  Just what we wanted to hear…haha.  Honestly, it hasn’t been like being pregnant with Cailyn…in just about any way.  But, I am mainly referring to the end.  I remember being so giddy and just nearly about to crawl out of my skin anxious (excited) for her to come, and when she was a week late, it almost killed me!  This time, although I haven’t gone a week overdue yet, I feel a little different.  I am excited…of course!, but there are also so many other things on my mind.  Cailyn, for one.  We stay busy keeping up with her enough to make the days pass quickly.  With C, I had her entire scrapbook already filled up with things about my pregnancy until the day at the hospital.  I had her room perfect (well, minus pulling out the girl clothes since we didn’t know what she would be), and I worked up until the weekend before she was born that next Wednesday.  I could come home at night, kick up my feet, and do nothing.  Not this time.  Sometimes it’s like 9:30 pm before I fully sit down, and all I can think of is going to bed.  My mom has helped us tremendously, and Cailyn many nights does her bath and goes to sleep with Honey’s aide.  Finally, my pain level is way different than it was with Cailyn.  I feel useless a lot…honestly.  I really don’t like it.  I think what makes it hard is that we do have another child, and I have to tell her “no” on many occasions when she asks me to do something.  So, all in all, things are different.  My excitement this time, I think, stems more from my desire to feel physically and emotionally normal again, able for my family, and more fun again as a mom than it does from the unknown and excitement you get when you are about to have your first child.  Despite that, I am also VERY excited to meet this baby, find out what it is, and become a family of 4!

So, here we are at the end of our countdown calendar…this was yesterday, but you get the idea…

DSC_0240(that says, “August 18th..1 more day!”)

In other news, we’ve just been having so much fun with Honey and all of the activity that we have going on.  I can’t remember what I’ve talked about on here, but Cailyn goes to an in-home preschool in Spanish 3 mornings a week from 9am-12pm.  She does well and enjoys herself.  We also have swimming lessons on M/W at 3:45pm.  Our teammates, Kellan and Parker Davidson are in all of that with us, and Cailyn absolutely LOVES her time with them.  We’ve got a child that can scream or squeal with Joy with the best of them, and she does just that every time her swimming lessons start.  She just can’t control her excitement when she sees her friends and they are all in the pool.  Here are some pictures of her fun times at swimming lessons…



DSC_0151*I got her the most adorable swim suit from Old Navy while we were in the States, but she won’t have it.  She wants to wear the Nemo swim suit that my mom picked up at a garage sale or somewhere like that for like 25 cents.  It’s not a battle I want to fight.  Poor, cute swim suit…we might never get to wear you again.

As of this past Monday, the teacher had the parents kind of tossing the kids into the water through a hula hoop, and they would swim under the other side to the wall.  Cailyn did really well, and I am so excited that she will learn soon that she shouldn’t fear the water…at least in a pool. =)  Parker and Kellan are wonderful classmates, and half of what Cailyn tries is all due to Parker’s “go-get-’em” attitude in the water.  We are also extremely proud of Kellan, because he wouldn’t have ANYTHING to do with dunking his head the first couple of times, but now he’s a “goin’ under” fool!  It’s fun to watch.  We’re proud parents…haha.

Enough about swimming…here’s some other stuff.

posing with her stuffed animals in front of a neighbor’s flowers…


she’s really fairly goofy…


we LOVE our tío Mark!…


Nana (Justin’s mom) got us a wagon for our 1st Birthday…we had to pack it up soon after that, but we got it recently, and we are loving it!


Honey made us a “sunbeam” so we could wave it while we sing our new song about how we are a sunbeam for Jesus…she’s very proud of it, and she has the whole “wave of the sunbeam” down while we sing…


Sticker story books…always fun.  One thing Cailyn does get from her daddy is her precise nature.  She is SO precise about things…and so is he normally.  She literally could line up nearly all of the stickers inside of the dotted lines that help you match up where they go within your story, and if it was off by any amount, she would say “Uh oh” and try to peel it back up to fix it.  Not my child in that sense…haha.  I even catch her picking up the toys she’s playing with on occasion before she gets something else out…without us telling her to.  She’s a concentrator, and she can always get the job done.



Well, hopefully our next post might be about a new baby.  We’ll see.  Thanks to all who have let us know you are praying for us.  We are so blessed by that!


8 responses to “T – (minus)…oh, wait…I’m due today.

  1. Congrats on making it to THE day! It’s such a weird feeling to hit your due date…the day you said was THE day all along…and then pass it. I did it with all 4 of mine. 🙂 But, at least you know it’s really really soon!!!

    You’ll feel like a new woman when #2 is out! That energy that is so zapped now and the ability to move quickly and bend over comes back quick! It’s wonderful!

    Hang in there! We’ll be praying and looking forward to the news!

  2. I have been thinking a whole lot about you guys. Since you hadn’t posted in awhile, I wondered if it had happened. I know you are having a great time with your mom there. MK didn’t come until 2 weeks after my mom was here and I am actually thankful for that time to spend with her before the craziness of having an infant began. Cailyn looks so sweet in her pictures. I love that I now recognize your home and where the picture is taken.
    We can’t wait to hear the news. Any day now…

  3. I have missed talking to you on skype but life here has been busy and I have heard how busy yours has been. I am so excited to see new baby # 2 and welcome it. You are in my prayers and thoughts. I am praying that you find some rest time to sit down some during the day, haha. I have loved reading the blog and seeing all the fun things you are doing with Cailyn and how much she has grown. Love you bunches. I hope to talk to you sometime after the baby is here and you have had time to settle in.

  4. I hope the delivery goes well. I’m so glad that Cathy is there with you. Tell her we missed her at Matthew’s wedding and I will write all about it soon on my blog. There is one picture up if she wants to see it.

  5. Anxiously waiting for Baby T’s debut (and gender reveal). Praying for your labor and the transition to a family of 4. Thanks so much for the update!


  6. Thank you so much for your wonderful updates. So excited for you all as you await this brand new precious babe! If s/he is going to have a smile in a few months that brightly lights up the face as Cailyn’s does then you are going to be blessed with bushels of sunbeams! Great to see pics of your mom, as well as the sweet pics of Cailyn with Justin, et al. Praying you will soon have that mystical relief and recapture the energy you long for. I cannot imagine you any more energetic from all I’m reading, though, wears me out! 🙂 Blessings of peace…

  7. Been praying for you guys lots, especially you Alison. Hope everything goes really well. Can’t wait to hear the news. Lucas, as always, loves seeing pictures of Cailyn.

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