Big Week

No…no baby yet.  But, we have certainly had a big week!  Here it goes…

This past Tuesday night we enjoyed some pizza, soda, and very unhealthy but delicious dessert with our new Peruvian friend, Carlos.  We were excited to get to meet his girlfriend this time as well!  Her name is Joanna (not sure if that’s how she spells it), and they were great company.  We were joined by our teammates, the Davidsons, Mark C., and Lee F.  It was a very casual evening, and since the Davidson kids and Cailyn were playing, Tara and I weren’t able to be in a ton of the conversation this time.  That was sad, but the guys had some great visit time with them, and Joanna and I at least got to chat a bit.  We hope they can come again soon.  We also look forward to what God has in store for us in this relationship.


On Monday we found out that the members of the mission team in Arequipa, Peru (about an hour and a half by plane from us) were coming to Lima to begin working on getting their visas in place (same process we went through when we got here), and one of the families had to register/turn in papers at the US embassy here for their 2 week old to become an American citizen.  So, since they needed a place to stay, we got to have them in our home.  So, on Tuesday night (like 15 min. after Carlos and Joanna left our house), their 2 families showed up at our house from the airport!  We stayed up WAY too late talking, but it was fun to see them all again.  Their 2 families are supported by 2 churches, one of which is 20 min. down the road from our supporting church in Shelbyville, TN.  So, we got to officially meet them while we lived in TN last summer, and this was a sort of reunion for our 3 families.  Kyle and Larissa Smith have a little girl, Shaye, who is 6 months older than Cailyn, and Greg and Megan McKenzie have a little girl, Anna, who is 3 months older than Cailyn as well as a sweet little 2-week old, Maggie Kate.  We are so thankful that God has blessed us with a home that has the space to host in this way.  While it was definitely packed, we enjoyed having them.  Their 2 families were so great to us the entire week.  They were at our house Tuesday night through this afternoon, so we had a lot of time to enjoy them.  They treated our team to many meals, and we were able to laugh a lot and share a lot of similar stories about our time away from the States.  I would strongly encourage any of you who are reading to check out their blogs (I linked them on their names above).  They are doing some amazing things in Arequipa already.  They moved there last August to begin their ministry, and God has really blessed their time there.

All of us together after sharing an amazing breakfast buffet at Mangos this morning…


our 3 cuties…(C, Anna, Shaye)



Cailyn enjoyed her sweet friends.  She was constantly calling out, “Friends…?”  or “Girls!” (like, “come play with me, I’m in here!”).  Thanks, Arequipa Team, for giving so much back to us while you were here!

So, the week didn’t stop there.  Just yesterday, August 7th, 2009, a day for the record books, our team’s boxes and furniture that we shipped from the States was delivered TO OUR HOMES!!!  It all arrived on July 28th, and we were finally able to get it in our hands yesterday.  Wow…what a wonderful and emotional time!  The poor Arequipa team had to deal with us having boxes everywhere the last day and a half they were here, but they were gracious and gave us the space to begin opening things…ahhh!  We were very excited.


While the pile might not look so large (that’s just our stuff), it has gotten LARGER by the moment in the last day or so.  As we’ve begun to unpack, we have had to do dishes and laundry all day long in order to make sure things are clean for our use, and we are probably a few days out from finishing all the cleaning of things.  This stuff has been either in storage in Abilene, on a boat in the ocean, or sitting in Peru’s customs area for the past year now.  So, as you can imagine, some of it smells a bit odd.  Despite the smell, we have not encountered any problems yet as far as things being broken or messed up.  We pray that’s the case for all of the other folks on our team!

Cailyn has had an absolute BLAST getting to see all of her “new” toys, and she is in heaven (once again) as we unload boxes with so many new things to get into…only this time, she can walk.  When we packed all of this up, there was SOME possibility of keeping her out of certain areas, but this time, I know I will be finding random little items in her play backpacks, in her toy bins, and in empty drawers as we continue to unpack our home.  She has adored going through some of the baby stuff with me, and she has been quite the helper at times.  Here we are beginning to fix up the baby’s room…

Her project: fill the changing table with these diapers…which won’t really stay there, but made for a great “keep her busy” project…


here I am trying to figure out how to connect the bumper pad to the baby’s crib…


Finally…the week didn’t stop there!  Guess who arrived?!?



On Friday night, my mom flew in from Texas, and we couldn’t be more thrilled that she is finally here!  God could not have put her here at a more wonderful time for our family.  This past Monday I began having some sort of back/rear/leg (sorta runs down from my back to my leg) pain on my right side, and I am seriously walking around like I have a peg leg.  It is really not attractive.  I don’t know if the baby is sitting on some nerve, if I slept wrong (which is highly easy to do these days), or if something else is going on, but it HURTS!  I can’t walk our stairs normally (or anywhere normally for that matter), I can’t sit anywhere but the couch and not hurt after a couple of minutes, and picking up Cailyn is almost impossible (I know…she’s probably too big for me to carry anyway…but let’s be honest moms…if you have more than one, you know there is just no way you can avoid carrying #1 around at times while #2 is still inside).  Ok, so, I’m not trying to complain, but it has made this last week and my view of these next several days seem quite difficult.  I am sad that I can’t do more to unpack honestly.  So…all that to say…my mom has helped tremendously today!  We nearly have our kitchen all set, and we’ve begun to work on other rooms as well…it will take some time.  Here she is after being put to work…

unpacking boxes…


AND…helping to keep Cailyn busy…


Needless to say, I should NOT still be up right now posting about all of this.  I am really pretty exhausted.  We go back to the Dr. on Monday evening (yes…5pm…weird appointment time i thought), so hopefully we will have a good check-up there.  We’re 10 days away from the due date starting tomorrow, so we’ll see how things pan out.  I told my mom today that I really do have this sense of peace that has come over me now that our boxes are here and she is here.  She also brought a lot of what we could not bring to Peru with us when we flew here.  So, we went from having literally nothing for a baby to having almost everything we need in just 1 day!…well…unless it’s a boy.  Then, we will have some serious clothes shopping to do.  Otherwise, we’re all set.

Praise God for all He has done for us.  We hope to be reporting on a new baby soon!


5 responses to “Big Week

  1. What a great post. I’m so glad your mom got there, and your stuff, too. We’ll be praying for you guys and watching for updates. P.S. The pain you’re describing sounds like sciatica (sp?).

  2. wow, God is so good!! cathie, glad you made it okay and what a sweet reunion all of you must be having!! daniel was in our young couples class yesterday and it was so good to see him! j & a, we’re praying for the arrival of that sweet baby!!

  3. It is great to see photos of Honey with Cailyn. Soooo glad she is there with all of you as you await the arrival of baby T. Can see she is blessing all of you as only mothers can do! Blessings to you all.

  4. That pain does sound like sciatica. I had it with Natalie from 4 months on, and it became impossible to do anything with Caitlyn except lay on the opposite side of the pain. The doctor finally put me on extra strength Tylenol 4 times a day just so I could just function. I pray that these final few weeks of the pregnancy go well, and am happy to see yall are doing well!

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