My Favorite Part

So, one of my favorite parts of our new home is the backyard.  I absolutely LOVE that Cailyn enjoys playing outside.  We have nothing (literally) to do back there, but she still loves it.  Ok, well, we did buy a cheap ball at the grocery store, but that’s it.  She adores it when her daddy will play outside with her, and basically, she won’t go out there without him usually (unfortunately, I can’t do all of the running/rolling around that he will do…she never asks me to play out there anymore…haha…she knows my limits).  They just love one another!


Here she is loving on our baby.  Normally she is horrible when we want pictures…she just walks off or ignores the camera.  BUT…she jumped at the chance to let daddy take a picture of her lovin’ on the baby today.  Hopefully when we have this baby at our house she will be just as great at taking pictures with it.  Not too much longer!



4 responses to “My Favorite Part

  1. It is soooo sweet to see Ana Grace loving on her new little sister. I know you can’t wait to see Cailyn doing the same.

    We are coming to Lima soon to do all the embassy stuff for Maggie Kate and to get rolling with our visa process. I hope to see you guys! I am sure we will contact you as to when we will be there.

  2. The picture of Cailyn loving on your baby is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. You will want to frame that one. Great picture! Thinking about you and praying for you and the baby!

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