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Well, I have done a horrible job of taking pictures of myself with this pregnancy.  If all goes well, the boat with the container full of our team’s boxes from the States will be arriving in Peru tomorrow!  That means…all of my scrapbooking supplies should be here!  That got me thinking.  WHAT in the world am I going to put in this baby’s scrapbook about the pregnancy?!  I have NO pictures.  Anyway, nothing I can do about it now, I guess…except take some pictures of myself.  So, here I am at 37 weeks (well, I will be in 2 days anyway).  Yes, 3 weeks away from my due date!  We are very excited. =)


DSC_0008So, there I am…big, but not as big (I don’t think, although memories are fuzzy) as I was with Cailyn.  Also, my bellybutton is a lot less poky as it was last time.  It stuck out SO FAR with Cailyn.  This time, I have also developed a weird lump next to it.  I am really hoping that has nothing to do with an umbilical hernia…which the Dr. said I might have.  That won’t affect the baby, but if it doesn’t close up after the baby is born on it’s own, I could have problems that might require surgery to fix it…not extremely likely, but also not impossible.  I think my belly just stretched a ton with Cailyn, and my belly button area got the brunt of it.  So, this time has just made it a little worse.  It’s good that I’m not as big as with Cailyn, because I guess it could be worse.

We do have good news about the baby.  I saw the Dr. a week ago and had a sonogram.  The baby’s cord is no longer wrapped around it’s neck.  We are really praising God for that!  It is still near the neck (a portion of it’s neck), but it’s not wrapped around it.  Also, the baby is head down.  These things make it possible for me to have the baby naturally.  So, I am very happy about that.  Thanks to those who were praying!

I also had an appointment this morning, and everything looks basically the same as last week…we’re golden!  The baby’s heartbeat has been around 140 bpm my entire pregnancy, and it continues to sound strong.  We are very grateful for that.  Cailyn has been to all of my appointments with us since moving here to Peru.  We haven’t had any option except to take her.  Although there have been moments in some of my appointments when we have wished she weren’t there because of her behavior, she has really done very well each time.  Last week, when my name was called to see the Dr., Cailyn turned and yelled (like, really yelled),


as we were leaving the waiting room.  No clue why, but everyone loved it…even though it was in the wrong language.  I honestly love that she has gotten the experience of being with us, because she now is familiar with the hospital and what it looks like, that the baby will be born there, and she has also gotten used to seeing me as I am lying down having things done to my body.  She knows now that going there means we get to hear the baby’s heartbeat, and she even talks about it when we get home.  I think that has really helped this whole thing seem more real for her.  We have also been practicing saying the baby names we have chosen.  She knows that if it is a girl we will have a “baby Mya”, and if it’s a boy, we will have a “baby Corban” (although she says “Torban”).  Finally, she has also gotten it down (and is even excited about it, I think!) that she will be the “BIG sister”.  A few months ago, she would always deny it if we asked her about being a big sister or if there would be a baby.  Now, she even talks about the baby “coming to live at OUR house.”  We’re making progress, folks!

As I mentioned in the beginning, we are very much anticipating the arrival of our boxes from the States.  Tomorrow is the date we’ve been given for it’s arrival, and it feels almost surreal!  Some of the guys on our team are headed out this afternoon for a meeting that is being held at the shipping company in preparation for tomorrow.  We expect that even though our things might arrive tomorrow, we will most likely not be able to bring them to our homes until probably the end of the week.  Still…we’re hopeful!  Please, please pray that all goes according to God’s plan and that if that is not exactly how we thought it would go, we would still be patient and remember that He is in control!


One last thing.  I just wanted to share with everyone that we had the privilege of hosting our first Peruvian friend in our home last week!!!  Honestly, we were excited.  It went so extremely well, and we were very much encouraged about our future ministry here.  Here’s a picture of Mark, Justin, and Carlos, our new friend, and you can read more about it on our team website if you click on that link.  I posted about it there, and I gave some more detail about it all.  God has truly blessed us, and we feel like some true ministry has begun!



3 responses to “Baby Stuff

  1. I love the bump photo! You look beautiful, Alison- you are all baby! I cannot wait to see who’s in there- Mya or Corban?! Praise God for good news from the doctor! Can’t wait! 🙂

  2. It’s so good to hear that all is well. I’ll be praying for you in these last few weeks. Excited for your expanding family and the more reason for God pour out his blessings! Miss you friend and peace and rest these next few weeks!!

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