Not MY Child!

Drinking milk from my bowl of cereal when I am done with the actual cereal makes me literally want to GAG!  Like…seriously.  It’s so disgusting to me.  It would be a really good way to get me out of a round in a reality show.  I wouldn’t do it.  So, yesterday Cailyn finished her cereal and looks at me and says, “I drink it?”  I almost throw up in my mouth and then say, “sure…if you want.”  (AAHHH!)  Please no!

She did.  And…I think she liked it.



Gross…that’s all I have to say.  But…I still love her.


8 responses to “Not MY Child!

  1. You are strange.

    That’s pretty much the only way I like to drink milk… nothing quite like Fruity Pebble milk… it’s worth eating two bowls of cereal just to get the concentrated milk at the end.

  2. Yeah, my kids do things too that just gross me out! The really gross thing to me is letting cereal sit in the milk and get all soggy and mushy. That makes me gag! I pour my milk and then eat the cereal as fast as possible. I’ve already trained my girls that you don’t ask mommy for anything while she’s eating her cereal b/c I can’t stand it to be soggy. But God has a sense of humor and gave me kids that will sit at the breakfast table for 30 minutes eating their cereal! I see He’s done the same for you too! Enjoy (and try not to throw up!)

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