It’s Different Here…Part Dos

Well, after talking with my sweet sister and being reminded that not all people know me as my wonderful family does, I thought I would sort of write a follow-up to my last post about some of the (honestly very minor) differences between Peru and mostly the States.  First, I do want to say, in Hannah’s defense, she did not tell me I should post about this again, but I realized after talking to her that there might be some of you out there that could have seen my last post (or will see it) as a big complaint or venting session for me.  I am here to say…that was not my intention.  So, to begin…

A bit about me:  In general, I am fairly go with the flow.  I really couldn’t care less if I don’t have ALL of the amenities I grew up with.  I am not a diaper snob…although I AM a paper towel snob as I wrote about.  I let most things roll off my back, and if something bothers me, I generally speak about it once or twice and then forget it was even an issue.  I’m not a habitual complainer, although Justin might disagree with that now that I am 4 weeks from being a mom of 2 and in some unusual pains most of the time.  But normally…I’m not.  I’m sarcastic… sometimes to a fault (especially around those I am closer to emotionally), and I also enjoy hamming up a good story for a laugh (just being honest here).  In a big way, I want people to know the real me…that way we can just be honest about the things we enjoy, struggle with, love, or hate.  Then, we might have less of a chance of thinking someone else has it easier, doesn’t struggle with anything “I” struggle with, has perfect kids, never complains, couldn’t have a better marriage, is always happy, etc…get my drift?

So…with that said, my last post about Peru was basically me in the raw.  I made some of the comments I did out of a joking spirit, and I even laughed at myself and the situation of differences as I typed it out.  While I never set out to write that just for a good laugh out of my readers, I did write some of it knowing that I might get a laugh.  I mean, come on…if we can’t laugh about some of the things in life that we find odd or possibly annoying, life would drag on and be so void of joy.

Also, I find it incredibly important to let people know the REAL me.  I know that there are people who I am very close with who read this blog, but I also know that there are possibly people who read this blog who don’t know us as well.  In addition to that, we have an entire body of believers in Tennessee who support us and who are also really still getting to know us as a family.  That is why I find it so important to use this blog as a way for people to know truly what is going on in our lives.  I don’t desire to make anyone think our life is any harder or easier here in Peru than the lives of whoever reads our blog…no matter where they live.  In fact, one of our teammates has often said that we are “Living the Dream” here in Peru.  By that, he means, we could not be any more excited to be in this other culture, learning their ways, and knowing that our complete job here is to teach people about Jesus. Still, that does NOT mean my life here is just peaches ‘n cream (whose life is?) …hence, my last post.

So, when it comes to gas stations, baking soda, diapers, brown sugar, odd hours kept by workers, or whatever else…yeah…reality is – it’s different here!  But…in no way do I 100% feel put out, discouraged, annoyed, ready to “go home”, frustrated, etc. with our life here.  Of course, there are moments in my days that I might feel any one of those things that I just mentioned.  But who doesn’t?!  I don’t care where you live…don’t we all have those feelings at one time or another?  In addition, I hope it was clear that I am obviously not oblivious to the fact that I have stepped into a different world than I am used to.  If anything, I feel like I was given many wonderful tools to cope with the fact that I am living in a place different than what I am used to…whether it be different than Texas OR different than Costa Rica.

So there you have it.  If you read the last post I put on our blog, then you have tasted some of the real Alison Monique Thompson…how I feel about some things and how I recounted how I feel.  I pray we can all just be more vulnerable with one another in an attempt to learn from each other’s experiences and laugh together about the many things God has laid out to be different across our globe.

Note to my comment people: I didn’t feel like I needed to write this post because of any one spcific comment on my last post.  Just so you guys know… =)  I loved reading what you each had to say, and it is always a boost when we can see who is reading and enjoying our blog.  Thanks to you all!

Hopefully I have not just completely rambled on about things no one cares about…haha.  That would be great.


12 responses to “It’s Different Here…Part Dos

  1. Didn’t think your last post was complaining at all, but thanks for posting again and giving more insight into you! It’s fun learning more about your friends!
    : )

  2. You didn’t sound as though you were complaining in your last post- I love getting to know the real you, even more! I, too, try never to paint a picture perfect image of my marriage, life, etc, because then I just miss out on an opportunity to encourage others. This life is perfectly imperfect, and God somehow makes beauty out of the not so beautiful. You are so loved, sweet Alison! (You know, we share in the one L spelling of Alison- that’s my middle name! And sorry if I’ve told you that one hundred times! 🙂 )

  3. BRAVO! So well put and so thorough! I give you ten gold stars. haha An accurate explanation of you and still witty along the way.

  4. We didn’t think you were complaining, either! But even if you were, then it still would be a great post showing what you said–the realness of how life as a missionary, a Christian, a Mom, Wife, etc. isn’t perfect and without its struggles and challenges. Sometimes it’s the fire we go through and endure that makes us shine, right? 🙂

  5. i am happy to say that the enjoy life, laugh, poke fun, be sarcastically funny with your friends, and say it all outloud is evidence that i did pass on some characteristics of who i am!

  6. I wanted to say that the first post I found very helpful and encouraging because I feel like I am sort of going through the same thing. Actually when the first post came out Sean and I had hit a wall here in Canada where we felt we were being pecked to death by all the little different things. I don’t thing those things are horrible but as a whole they are overwhelming. I apprieciated you airing your thoughts on dealing with the same kind of thing because it did not come across as complaining but rather just airing them instead of letting them get bottled up in side. It is nice to know that others are feeling some of the same things and that I am not going crazy. I also found the second post encouraging because it reminded me of my very dear friend. I was smiling as I read about you discribing yourself and laughed at how accurate you are and how much that makes me love you. We got to catch up, let’s set a time now that I am back from camp. Maybe next week sometime like on Wed. maybe Blessings.

  7. (OOPS, sorry this went on the wrong post first!)

    Alison, I hope you will keep on sharing this marvellous journey you are on! For those of us who have been on similar journeys and are continuing on parallel (but different!) paths, it is such a delight to read what you are willing to share. Not all cultures are as comfortable with baring the soul so openly and transparently in public as Americans (like the Brits, ahem!). The map you are reading from is set out on a page as diverse as the one God blessed me with, but He has blessed us both, with variations that are fun to learn about and share.

    I loved your first post (as well as this one!) and, as a complete stranger who has no connections with your friends, family or supporting congregation(s), felt compelled to comment because your experience rings out so resonantly with mine from over the years as well as now. Because I have been in similar shoes to yours please know I definitely did not view your previous post as a complaint session at all. You were being so beautifully transparent in recording your observations that I thought I could chime in with mine. 🙂 And just for the record, I have always preferred Bounty, get huge cravings for Fritos, wish for hominy so I could make some posole at New Years, would kill for some Jimmy Dean sausage, Taco Bueno and an IHOP! After all these years…

    For those of us outside of your team’s circle, I keep reading through some of your blogs and am just eager to know how each of you felt God calling you to Peru specifically. What connections led your team members to find each other? Will you each be forming a new church or assist with an established ministry? And for those of us who studied/practised missions and church-planting years ago, what elements in the discipline/training has changed for your generation today? No need to answer any of these until you might have time or be interested to share. I appreciate all you are already doing, and admire what you have been accomplishing as a family thus far!

    No amount of training will prepare any of us for the challenges of life that drop in on a whim, unannounced, especially when we are living out our dreams. It has been wonderful to read of some of the support you are to each other, and to watch how you grow through the highs and lows together. I have prayed through the joys and sorrows some of you have gone through (SF is my cousin) and will continue to pray as you need.

    For now I am so excited for you and your sweet family as you all wait for your new little bundle of joy, have your parents visit and share in your Lima Life, and for your shipping crate to arrive from the US. I’ll bet THAT will feel like Christmas!

    Blessings always.

    PS: I did not mean to offend with the brown sugar substitute. Just thought it might be useful, ya gotta have some choc chip cookies! 🙂

  8. Hey Alison, love reading what you guys are up to!
    Just had to comment about the brown sugar, as if there weren’t enough comments already 🙂
    have you tried/seen piloncillo, sometimes called panela or panocha? I’ve seen it come in cone shapes or large cubes. It’s pretty close to brown sugar-if anything it’s more rich, though you hafta chop it up.

  9. oh, i forgot, it could also be called chancaca or raspadura. sheesh, these spanish with all their variations!

  10. You are freaking hilarious! Loved catching up with your blog but more than that I can’t wait to catch up with you in PERU! So sad I won’t be able to be there when Corban is born but PLEASE tell J to bring the laptop to the hospital (for after labor, that is) Love ya. Oh and hey this is YOUR blog so feel free to always say what you want. If total strangers or people that don’t know you well read it then that’s something you can’t really control.

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