Counting Down

So, I thought it would be fun and something preparatory for Cailyn and I to make a countdown calendar for her to have until the baby is born.  We are really talking a lot about the baby these days, and Cailyn has gotten attached to the idea a bit more.  We recently purchased our baby crib and changing table, so she LOVES to “play” in the baby’s room.  It has nothing in it really…just the bed and changing table.  We are excited to fill it with our things coming on the boat soon!  Anyway…she did a great job on the project, although she got tired of coloring fairly soon into the project.  That would be my fault, though, because I cut all of our strips of paper and THEN had her color…what was I thinking?!  I should have had her color the 5 sheets of paper first and then cut.  Oh well…next time.  So, I ended up doing a lot of the work, but she stuck it out to the end helping me tape each strip onto the chain.  Here we are in the process…


gettin’ pretty good with those scissors..


and taping…making good use of our “birthday tape”


finished product…


holding up our first torn-off piece of the chain…


As of today (we made the chain yesterday)…42 more days and counting!  I plan to keep counting the weeks…that way my number is just 6.  Somehow the weeks pass by faster than the days sometimes.  I had an appointment this past Monday…just a regular check-up, and I go again in 2 wks. for my 36 week check-up as well as my final sonogram.  We are mainly praying at this point that the baby has not continued to wrap itself up more in it’s cord.  It is so wonderful that we have the ability to know such specific information through these sonograms.  We feel blessed by that.  We appreciate everyone’s continued prayers for us as our lives are about to change significantly.  Blessings.


4 responses to “Counting Down

  1. My mom and sister are arriving Friday morning, and I have an appointment that morning to find out if the baby is too big for me to try the natural birth. We shall see. Today marks 38 weeks for me. We will have kids right around the same age. 🙂 Thinking about you…

  2. Alison–you are getting so very close! Yay! Can’t wait to see if it’s a boy or girl! Seriously. Best surprise ever. Miss Cailyn will be such a good big sister. What a little cutie! We are praying for you!

  3. What a great idea to count down like that 🙂 We are missing you and praying for you… I can’t believe how close you are to meeting the new baby!

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