Helping Daddy

One thing that we really tried to teach Cailyn early on was that she could help us with things around the house.  We began this fairly early (even when she couldn’t actually do the helping), because I felt like it would give her some sense of purpose in those small tasks that we do each day.  Also, I had heard from other moms I trust and from some parenting resources I had taken advantage of that toddlers really get excited when they feel they are contributing.  Anyway, that all might seem like common sense, but one thing I have learned from parenting Cailyn is that many of those things I used to feel like were common sense things are some of the hardest things to put into practice when you actually have a child to practice them with.  I find that not being intentional in parenting leads me down a path of not parenting the way I feel God wants me to.  So, for now, that’s how our family works. =)

Ok, so all that to say, Cailyn has REALLY taken to the whole “helping” thing.  Honestly, there are moments when we have to practice so much patience as she works her 2 year-old “helper” magic while completely messing up what we have going on.  I feel like it might be normal for 2 yr. olds to use the phrases, “I wanna do it” and “By myself,” but Cailyn never says those things.  Her version of those phrases is wrapped up in the words, “I help!”  Basically, she doesn’t always mean those words in a sweet way.  She uses them to mean, “Let me do it!”  So, we occasionally have to remind her that a “please” is necessary.  Bottom line, we love it.  Her eagerness to help us is just too cute sometimes, and I know that it will be huge when baby #2 is here.  Cailyn surprises us each day with the things she can do, and it has been a great learning experience for Justin and me in being patient.

Since moving here, we have had a ton of boxes and styrofoam that Justin has had to break down from things that we have bought for our home.  This has presented some great opportunity for our little helper…

Notice her broken pieces were slightly smaller than the pieces Justin was making over in his pile…


concentrating on her work…


helping contain daddy’s pile…



So, for now, we are glad to have such a great helper around our house.  Hopefully this lasts!


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