Happy Father’s Day! (yeah, that’s late. i know)

I just wanted to post a sweet picture of my 2 loved ones from Father’s Day and say a belated (on here) happy Father’s Day to Justin, my dad, his dad, and Andy.  I appreciate all that each of you have done in my life and the life of our families!


We’re still just plugging away at our home.  We have enjoyed getting to make it feel more homey, but I will say it has been tiring at the same time.  We hope to do some of our last bits of shopping for bigger items this week some time, and then it will be just odds and ends here and there.

The front of our new home (everything in green and orange color):


**oh…and that’s not our car.  we wish.  haha.  actually, i wish.  justin likes walking everywhere.  i would… except that i am 8 weeks from having a baby, and it’s getting old.  ok, anyway.

I also had another Dr.’s appt. yesterday, which went well.  The Dr. continues to make us feel comfortable about having the baby in his hospital, and I like him.  We do have 2 specific things we ask you to pray about if you would.  The sonogram I had 3 weeks ago showed 2 things that we want you to pray God will change in the next few weeks.  The baby’s head was not in the down position (which is of course what we want and need to have in order for me to have the baby naturally).  Also, the cord was wrapped around the baby’s head one time.  This is also something that could warrant a c-section if it doesn’t change.  The Dr. did feel my stomach in my appt. yesterday and said it seems the head might even be down at this point, but we will need a sonogram in the next few weeks to know for sure.  Also, he said I shouldn’t worry much about the cord’s position as far as the baby is concerned right now, but we will just monitor it as the time goes by.

Bottom line, please, please pray that both of these things will have changed by the time the baby is ready to make it’s appearance.  I very much desire to not have a c-section, and these things could make that decision less of my own and more about what is best for the baby (which of course we’re concerned for as well).  God, please prepare this baby to be born in the way that you know is best for our family, and provide us (me!) with peace about your perfect plan.

Thanks for your prayers!.

Just thought I would leave you with a picture of our sweet Cailyn enjoying her new room.



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