Another Year Older

Our Baby Turns 2 Today!

2 yrs. ago today…


I cannot believe it.  We sang Happy Birthday to her in bed this morning, and she knew it was her birthday, because she even slept in (good for all parties involved)!  We, so far have enjoyed presents, eaten the best breakfast buffet at an oceanside restaurant named Mangos…a treat the Davidsons have introduced us to, and picked up the keys to our new home!  We hope to share in some cake or ice-cream or some type of goodie with the Davidsons and their kids tonight.  It’s been a great day, and we are so happy to have enjoyed the past 2 years of this beautiful child’s life!  We ask that those of you interested in praying for her and the direction of her life pray specifically right now that as we make one final move (hopefully at least for a while!) into our new home in about a week that she be able to weather the end of our time of transition, that her behavior reflect the fact that she feels stable and knows we love her, and that she continue to understand and be prepared by God for the arrival of her sweet little brother or sister in August.  Thank you to everyone who has loved on her and who we know will continue to pray for her as she grows up.  We are extremely blessed by your prayers!  Here are some pictures we’ve gotten today of Cailyn enjoying her birthday:

Crawling through her new Cameleon Tunnel for the first time this morning…


Checking out all the new loot…


Cailyn loves to play with scotch tape.  So, we found this really cute kid-friendly tape dispensor with like 4 small rolls of designed/colored scotch tape…good arts and crafts activity…anyway, it said +3 yrs on it, and they were right…she can’t control how muche she pulls off.  It’s a good thing it was just $5 so we won’t feel so bad when all the tape is wasted by the end of the week.


p.s.-she’s still in her pj’s in case you were wondering…oh, and some leg warmers we are borrowing from Sofia Fletcher…crazy kid.


Enjoying her breakfast at Mangos…


You can look down and see the Ocean from the restaurant…it’s her favorite.  The buffet is ours…



Our new front door…well…it’s the door built into the garage door that leads into our front carport/yard area…


It’s been a fun day so far.  I need to share pictures from our time in College Station before we got here, but I wanted to post today and give Cailyn a shout out.  Like I said, we do have a home that we have found to rent.  We are super pumped, and we have spent all of this last week finalizing things.  We got our keys today, but we plan to sleep there for the first time at the end of next week.  We have bought our beds, and we have found the appliances that we want, but it all has to be delivered to the house.  So, we’ll be in our temporary apartment another week or so.  We still have tons of work to do, but we are very excited at how fast God answered our prayers for finding a rental home.  It is equipped with all we had hoped, and we are just so blessed to have the landlords that we do.  Thanks to everyone who has prayed specifically about our housing.


One Final Thing…

Well, we had our first Dr.s appointment this past Monday morning here in Peru.  Thanks to all of you that were praying for us.  The Dr. was very nice, he spoke sufficient English, all of our Qs were answered to our satisfaction, and he said things look great.  We will be having the baby at Clínica Miraflores.  That is where the pediatrician will work as well, so it’s nice to have it all in one location.  The Dr.s there specialize in infertility and families that are unable to have kids, so there are many couples that need to have very specific sonograms done due to the fact that they are having multiples.  Anyway, they have the ability to do the 4D sonograms.  Actually, I think that’s all they do.  So, the Dr. ordered a sonogram for me since it was our first appointment, and we were treated to the wonderful technology of the 4D sonogram.  It was amazing.  I honestly had steered clear from this, because we really want to be surprised about the gender of the baby.  I was just always afraid to do one of these, because they are so incredibly clear that I thought it would be way to easy to tell if it was a boy or girl.  But…since we had to have one…we just made it clear that we didn’t want to know the gender.  The sonographer (is that the name of that profession?) did a great job working around it.  Anyway, we got a great picture of this sweet baby’s face, so I thought I would share it.  I just took a picture of the picture, so the quality might be a little worse, but you can see it ok I think. Thanks for all of your prayers!



7 responses to “Another Year Older

  1. Yeah, Happy Birthday Caitlyn!!! I remember seeing you two years ago in the hospital!
    Congrats on the rental house and all the details coming together! And thanks for sharing your cool sonogram! So glad you are getting settled and feeling the blessings of many prayers on your behalf!
    We love you guys!

  2. Happy birthday sweet Cailyn! What a blessed child you are!

    So happy to hear you have a home and that you have a good doctor. The sonogram picture is amazing, too. Truly a miracle from heaven!

  3. What a precious post and awesome picture of that baby. This post seriously brought tears to my eyes. I remember the day KK was born and how excited we were to know that we were going to have the blessing to watch her grow. Here we are two years later and we have watched her grow into such a beautiful little girl. I cannot wait to get there and meet baby T. Love you lots.

  4. I’m glad everything’s worked out so far. That is a precious picture of you and Cailyn. Happy birthday Cailyn, and we can’t wait to see the new one!

  5. the sonogram is amazing! i cannot wait to meet my precious grandbaby#2! hugs and kisses from nana, allie and greatgrama marie!

  6. You look, so fabulous, Alison! Just beautiful. And that sonogram is something else! Isn’t it amazing to imagine what is going on under the surface! God is good.

    Happy Birthday, sweet Cailyn!

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