Some Joys in Life

Swim Diapers:


The things you find when you begin to pack up your home…again:


(did we EVER use these while here in CR??  no.  makes me wonder why i packed them.)

We’re seeing a pattern here…some of you might remember this picture from when we packed up our things in Abilene.  A house in disarray from being packed is clearly like HEAVEN for Cailyn…it was then, and it has proven true again!  There’s something about parading around in goggles that gives this child joy.


A cheap popsicle from the ice cream man:




Trampolines at the zoo (yeah…we know that’s not normal, but we live in CR, remember?)



*clearly our child is not a risk-taker…if you can call standing up on a trampoline with a safety net a risk.  her friend, Lucas, had a blast (obviously you can tell that from the picture), but Cailyn never stood up once.  to her defense, she was squealing with joy the entire time she was crawling around.  you gotta give it to her…she didn’t push her limits and still had a great time.

These are just a few of the things bringing joy into our lives these days.  We realize day after day that God could not have blessed us more with our sweet, Cailyn Joy Thompson.

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