We haven’t had video on here in a while, so I put together some random stuff that we’ve caught on tape over the last 3 months or so.  It’s like 4 min, so I completely get if just grandparents watch the whole thing…just to throw that out there.  Enjoy!


9 responses to “Video

  1. that was excellent! I think I am going to show the reading part to my prof in Infants and Toddlers—she’ll love the to see a normally developing child using appropriate symbolic play! haha

  2. hey that was really funny. We loved the falling asleep at the table part. It was our favorite. (Katherine and I watched it together) .

  3. Oh, she is just so sweet! I wish I could give her a squeeze! 🙂 I love when she is falling asleep at the table. So cute. Hope you are doing well with #2 on the way. Did I mention that I am so happy yall chose not to find out with this one, too? Matt and I think being surprised is the best!! Praying for you.

  4. So adorable! so neat to hear her talking some in spanish! brings back old memories of my girls! can’t wait to see her…and you two, also!

  5. i have watched the video over and over again!! how precious you are cailyn!! i can’t wait to see you this weekend.
    we love you all!!

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