Big Girl:

We’re using these words a lot around here.  We decided to go ahead and begin potty training.  Part of me has wondered in the past week if we’re crazy.  Whether we are or not, she is doing well.  While I am 100% glad that we live in a house full of concrete and tile, we have not always been unsuccessful.  Here she is trying, and I am happy to report she went #2…YAY! (as we say in the moment)…


We started all of this a little over a week ago, and even though she has never gone #2 in her panties (always on the toilet), she pees on our tile almost every day…EXCEPT TONIGHT!  She went in the toilet for the first time.  I needed that. haha.

So, even though we are doing this at home, she still has to wear diapers all morning while she is at school.  Her teachers aren’t really in a position to help out in the mornings due to the fact that there isn’t a bathroom in their room and all of her classmates are still in diapers.  So…we are just doing all we can at home.  That’s the plan for now.  Hopefully what we do now can carry over into all day when she isn’t in school anymore and is with us all day long.

Big Sister:

We are also calling Cailyn a Big Sister a lot these days so she knows her new role.  She is great at saying “Sister”, because that’s what she calls my sister…Aunt Sister.  But, we’re still working on putting Big and Sister together.  Here’s our sweet, soon-to-be, Big Sister…


Big Belly:

While I am definitely not uncomfortably big, I have grown.  It is hard to believe I am almost half way there.  I am 18 weeks, and I have another appointment in a week.  I look forward to seeing the baby and hearing the heartbeat.  I am feeling the baby move here and there, so that’s fun.  Anyway, here’s my picture…


Just 5 more weeks of school!  We are very excited for what is to come, and since our brains feel like they might bust with information that we don’t always feel we can use correctly, we are certainly ready for a break.  We will be in the States for a bit in a month or so, and we could not be more excited to see some of you that we have missed for the past 8 months to a year.  By that time, hopefully we will have grown even more in every way I’ve mentioned above and we will be even Bigger than we are now!


4 responses to “Big

  1. That reading on the potty pic is priceless! Good luck with potty training. It sounds like you’re off to a great start!

    (And you look great, by the way! Definitely working the “glow”)

  2. Yeah for the big girl potty training! We trained ‘R’ at 20 months even though everyone told us we were crazy for trying. It is do-able. Keep up the good work! And I love the growing picture too! Wish I could be there to rub your cute changing belly. So excited about your new baby! Thanks for the update.

  3. It is great to see a picture of what I am sure we heard the other night staying at your parents house. It was hillarious to listen to all the hoopla from the other room. It was comforting to know that when we are in Canada such experiences can be shared with my family, although I don’t know how comfortable Sean will be about that. I guess it all depends on how much shame you don’t mind putting your kids through. haha. I love the picture of you pregant. I remember talking on skype and trying to get a glance at how you looked. It was so fun to get to watch you grow when you were pregant with Cailyn and we were having bible study each week. Thanks for posting fun pictures.

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