Refreshing Weekend

I just got back this evening from a wonderful weekend with several women from our school.  We had a women’s retreat, and it was a huge success!  A very sweet lady from school shared her testimony and spoke three times to us about the importance of repentance and forgiveness in our lives, and it was such a wonderful reminder and learning experience all in one.  I have deeply missed having my female (and male…but we all know that’s different) teammates here this trimester with us in CR, but I have also been blessed to have made some wonderful new friends.  While there are moments when I feel a bit out of my comfort zone, I then realize…”uh…we ALL probably are!”  Every one of these women here have done the same thing I have done.  They have left their homes, their families, almost all that they owned and had used to make a home for themselves, and sometimes most importantly…they left behind some of their dearest friends.  In every woman’s life, I think at least, there is a need for some good girlfreinds.  While I have only known some of these women for 4-8 months or so, I believe God has truly set me in a gold mine of spiritual encouragers!  What an uplifting experience it was to raise our hands and our voices to God in repentance and worship to him this weekend.  Thank you, God, for providing me with this opportunity!


In other news…we are continuing to stay busy keeping up with all that Cailyn is learning and doing these days.  It is incredible.  We have some flowers that were planted in our front lawn (which is more like just the size of a flower bed) area, but because it hasn’t rained here in a while, a few of them were suffering.  Well…and because Cailyn picks the petals off of the flowers most of the time as well.  Anyway, we bought a couple of really cheap flowers to plant in the place of some of the dead ones.  Justin and Cailyn took on that job.  They did a great job, but the new flowers were dead (literally) by the next morning.  We’re just glad Cailyn isn’t old enough to notice and be sad about how it turned out.  It’s pretty pitiful.  Here’s a couple of snap shots of their experience:




And then the flowers died.  Oh well.


Just chillin’ on daddy’s shoulders.  They go for walks a lot, and this is how they return quite often.

dsc_00131Just a little too tired to finish on her own…and, yes, she did walk with shoes on in case you were wondering whether or not we let our child walk the streets of CR barefoot…we don’t.


Some of our sweetest friends here, Curtis and Trish Peters, took some alone time a weekend or so ago, and we got to have their cutie, Lucas, one morning to play.  Cailyn loves Lucas.  They had a great time..



Another treat we got recently was an amazing Spring/Easter-ish package from our dear friends, the Bobos, in TN.  It was ALL for Cailyn…she was elated!  It was filled with candy, stickers, water colors, markers, coloring books, drawing paper, and several other things.  Thank you so much, Bobo family!


Yes, the chocolate eggs were what she pulled out first…that’s my girl!



Of course we had to immediately try out our new paints…it was no surprise…she loved them!


Our wardrobe slowly had pieces taken away from it…we might need to purchase an art smock of some sort…


She was sure she could get that paint off of her face all by herself…she prides herself in being independent these days…


Thanks again, Bobo family, for the goodies!


Baby T #2 update:

Not a ton to say really.  I still have yet to take any sort of picture of myself…oops.  I will work on that.  My belly is for sure protruding…somewhat faster than I remember it happening last time.  We had an appointment this past week, and all is looking great.  I will be 17 weeks this coming Wednesday.  I have not felt the baby yet with any sort of consistent movement, but we have had 2 ultrasounds so far, and in both of them the little thing was on the move!  The Dr. seemed a bit taken back by how much it was moving.  He kept saying, “Oh, my.  Did you see that?” or like, “My goodness, this one never stops does he!” (he doesn’t know it’s gender yet…by the way.  we don’t plan to find out anyway).  So, I know that once I begin to feel the baby, it looks like I will constantly be feeling it.  That is encouraging.

Cailyn now points to my stomach, her stomach, and Justin’s stomach when we talk about the baby.  She can successfully say “sister”, but we are still working on fully pronouncing “brother”…just in case we have a boy.  The good thing is, she can pronounce the one that matters for her…Big Sister.

I recently got some treasured advice about really making her a part of realizing how special her role will be in this process.  We are praying that she can see just how important she will be in this baby’s life.  Such a precious job!

I go back to the Dr. at the end of this month…these months are flying by!


Thanks to everyone who continues to encourage us through so many different means.  We would not be who we are without you!


4 responses to “Refreshing Weekend

  1. Love the post! Its so good to hear updates on you, your family, and the spiritual journey God is blessing you with! We are praying for you guys and thinking about you all the time! We miss you, but its so good to feel like we’re not that far away from you! Your blog keeps us close! Thank you!

  2. I’ve been slowly fading away with this post-less drought you’ve had me in! I am so glad to have this update. I enjoyed our conversation and love seeing you guys in yoru day to day activity. Jason and I will call sometime this next week. Love you guys!

  3. I read all your blog posts (and love them), and usually comment back to your Mom. But I was SO touched by the photos, especially the one of Cailyn cleaning her face (so much captured in the click of the shutter), so just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy. I keep all four of you in my prayers.

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