Happy Valentine’s Day 2009!

Well, all of these pictures were actually taken yesterday, because we dressed up for school and I decided to make our fun valentine cupcakes that we were sent in our package so that I could completely enjoy them today (no baking involved).  So, normally Cailyn gets really excited after she is dressed for school, because she is so proud of how she looks.  Her routine is, clothes, shoes, I do her hair, and then, GO SHOW DADDY!  She always runs into whichever room she is saying, “Daddy, Look!” or “Daddy, dress!”  depending on what she is wearing.  Yeah, I realize it’s a bit early to be feeling so good about how she looks.  For now…it’s just funny, and Justin is the only man in her life that she cares to show off for.  That’s good for now!

So, yesterday, I was putting all of her valentine’s clothes on her, and as I was putting her hair up, I said, “ok, I am going to go and get the camera so that we can take a picture of you in your valentine clothes, so don’t go too far.”  So, the minute I was done, I ran to grab the camera for fear that my prime photo opportunities would be over if she decided to leave her room, but when I got back…this is what I was greeted with…

“Cheese!  Clothes!”


yes, she’s proud…


As I said, I made fun Valentine cupcakes yesterday.  Uh…please do not look too closely at the decorations I drew on top.  I would not be over exaggerating if I said I am HORRIBLE at arts/crafts.  Anyway, it was fun.  What comes next is the story (in pictures and words) of a sweet little girl named Cailyn, who had just woken up from a 1-hr. afternoon nap (normal for her is 2.5-3 hrs.), who was being treated to a cupcake that her mom had just made.  I am sure you can all imagine that this story does not end well.  Follow the pictures to find out…

The delicious cupcakes…


Cupcake #1…we’re excited!


Cailyn still testing out the waters…or so I thought…by mainly just eating the icing.


me: “Cailyn, baby, don’t just eat the icing.  You will finish the icing and not have any left for the rest of your cupcake.  Take a BITE of the whole thing.”

C: in her mind…”hmmm…ok…I’ll try that.”

Cailyn…taking a bite.


Oh no…because mom said to take a bite, the entire cupcake crumbled.  Heaven forbid she have to eat a crmbled cupcake.  Crying commenced (think: 1 HOUR NAP!).

me: “Cailyn, it’s ok.  Look, it is still good!” (I take a small bite of a crumble to prove it)

C: Cry, Cry, Cry.  “Mo Cucake!”  (and then she hands the crumbs to me as if to say, I don’t even want to see that mess!)

Crumbled Cupcake (still good, might I add)


me: “Ok, Cailyn.  Listen.  Look at mommy.  You can have ONE more cupcake.  If you just eat the icing and you don’t want the rest, that does NOT mean you can have a new cupcake after that.  Do you understand?  You can just have ONE MORE.”

C: “ooookaaaaay” (her ok’s are always long and drawn out for some reason…no, she wasn’t being sarcastic…haha)

me: again…”ok, I am going to get you ONE more.”

Cupcake #2


Cailyn, once again, enjoying ONLY the icing on her 2nd cupcake as I say,

“Cailyn, remember.  When you finish this, you cannot have any more.”

she shakes her head “yes” as if she fully understands what she is choosing…


Cailyn checking to see if she had gotten all of the icing possible off of the top of her cupcake…


The remains of Cupcake #2…


C: hands me cupcake #2 and says “Mo cucake” while pointing to the group on our kitchen counter.

me: uh…seriously? “Cailyn, sweetie.  Mommy told you no more after this one.  If you just want the icing, your cupcake is all gone really fast.”

C: lip puckers

me: “Cailyn, would you like some more bites of your cupcake here that you didn’t finish?”

C: “NOOO!  Más! Peeeees! Mo cucake!” Cry, Cry, Cry, Cry, Pointing to cupcakes

Cailyn…crying for more cupcake…


The rest of our afternoon reflected much of how she looks above.  Once dinner hit, she was fine, but I hate 1 hour naps!

Honestly, it was all pretty funny.  I guess they have to learn the consequences of their choices some time, right?  (hers being that she only wanted the icing, and therefore cupcake eating joy lasts like 2 minutes).

I pray you all feel and are able to give much LOVE today!


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