Three Cheers for Care Packages!

What a special week it has been.  We received, not one, but TWO care packages this week from our family at Fairlane Church of Christ, in Shelbyville, TN.  We had a slip of paper in our mail box to notify us that we had a package, and to Cailyn’s and my surprise, Justin left with one slip but came back with two huge packages!  We were excited.

I took a few pictures of Cailyn today with some of the new things we got.  A lot of it was Valentine’s decor and cool stuff to celebrate this day of love, and we also got a few special things that are either non-existent here or cost WAY TOO MUCH for us to buy on any kind of regular (which might have been a normal basis in the States) basis.  Please excuse the smiles that Justin and I have in our pictures.  We really were happy to get our package, but our smiles are a bit lame I noticed.  Anyway, Cailyn smiled well in a couple of them, so I guess that’s what matters…haha.

This was the sweetest Valentine Card ever from Earl and Barbara Morgan (Fairlane friends)…Cailyn loved

it and said “yaaaaay!” when I finished reading the whole thing to her.  Thanks Morgans!

(oh…this picture was taken after a long, and dirty…obviously…day of school.  sorry about the nasty spots on her shirt and crotch of her pants…we really do dress her nicely and brush her hair in the mornings)


Here she is pointing to the cute, new Valentine’s shirt that our dear friends, the Countesses, sent her in their package…she loves it, thanks!


Justin could probably never have enough pistachios and honey roasted peanuts to eat (i sure could…he loves that i don’t dip into this snack of his).  These were partly from the amazing Wednesday Night Kindergarten class at Fairlane and partly from the Countess family…we got some really fun things from them and some cute Valentine cards.  Thanks K class!


I pretty much always ask for these when someone asks if there is anything they can send us.  I MUST have these to make my beloved Green Bean Casserole…OMG  sooo  good!


Another goodie from the K class…yes, we opened these right after this picture was taken (and that’s why we don’t have a picture of the package of Dum Dums we were sent…we didn’t want to mess with her wanting a “tuter” (sucker) right before her nap.)


The K class as well as the Countess family sent some adorable Valentine stickers for Cailyn…we’ve already used some.  The ones she wore today said “100% Angel”…well, at least she fit that name in the moment. 🙂


We honestly cannot express enough just how amazing it feels to know that there are people who have thought of us, spent money on us, and taken the time to pamper us.  We know that it is no cheap feat to send a package full of goodies so far from your home  all the way to us, and it honors us that so many of you have sacrificed for us in that way.  It might sound silly, but these are the things that keep us going at times.  It is nice to know that even though we are hours away, in a different culture, and living different lives…we are still thought of.  So…thank you…from the bottom of our hearts!


A couple of new Cailyn things:

1.  Yesterday morning, I was dressing Cailyn in a little dress we bought for her in Guatemala.  I just mentioned to her that her dress was from there, and she surprised me by repeating “Guatemala” by saying “Gamala”.  That got me started…so, now she knows she has shoes from “Rica” (Costa Rica) and that she is eventually moving to “Poo” (Peru)…yeah, we gotta work on that one.

2. A few days ago, Justin was channel surfing, and he stopped on a soccer game that was on.  Cailyn all of a sudden started saying “fúbol! fúbol!”  (“fútbol” is really how it’s spelled).  Uh…who knew she even knew what soccer was…and what it’s called in spanish?  We didn’t teach her that.  It makes me wonder what else is going on inside that little head in spanish.

3. She actually stopped herself from saying “NOOOO!” the other day when she was upset that I was doing something and replaced that ugly word/tone with a genuine, sweet, “Pees Doh” (please don’t) without my order to use different language.  We’re making progress!!!

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day this weekend!

Love from us.


2 responses to “Three Cheers for Care Packages!

  1. Ditto on the cheers for care packages. I didn’t know how excited I could get over a box of Velveeta cheese or a package of Sour Patch Kids (what I was craving in the first trimester). And those Shelbyville people are from a very sweet part of the state. 🙂
    Our girls’ summer break ends this month. Larissa and I have already discussed how much Spanish they will know (probably way more than us) by next summer break. They are at such a great age to pick up on two languages. It is sad when a 2 year old can put you to shame.

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