Still Here

So, we’re still here.  Yes, in Costa Rica.  Remember us?  I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I would check in for all of you that keep up with us here.

Basically, life has been full of school and more school.  We really haven’t been up to much lately.  We have been blessed to have had time with several of our friends here doing different things around town.  So, not much more to say about that.

I have had some intense thoughts about North American food lately…I have to say I miss it terribly.  I have started a list of food that I hope I can eat when we come back to the States at the end of April.  One of the things I have missed here is a good roast with carrots and potatoes….like from a slow cooker.  We don’t have one of those.  So, one of my friends that goes to school with me here knew about how I have been missing food from home, and she and her husband invited us over for ROAST the other night!  She bought a slow cooker here, and they were kind enough to feed us a meal that tasted like it was from somewhere in the south of the States.  A-MA-ZING!

Cailyn has been continuing to amaze us as she grows and learns more and more each day.  We have taught her to either say “No Thanks” or “Please Don’t” when she doesn’t like something or want a certain thing.  Much sweeter words than “AAAAAAHHHHH, NOOOOOOOO!”  So, she now uses “Please Don’t” any time she doesn’t want to do what we are telling her to do.   We still need to work on when to use that and when she has no choice in the matter.  We’re getting there.

She no longer cries when we drop her off at school.  That’s nice.  She used to be the WORST kid, but now she comforts her friends who cry.  We’ve come so far!

Here are some pictures we’ve captured lately.  Nothing specific…just random moments.

Watching a movie…a favorite past time


Vegging out…also a favorite past time


This child can find any comfortable coloring position…it’s a talent


Studying daddy’s spanish, grammar book…she might pass mom up soon.


Well, hope everyone is doing well.  We love hearing from those of you who comment to us here and other places.  Please continue praying for us as we finish school this trimester.  Baby T is still growing and healthy…thanks to those who have checked up on us.

2 responses to “Still Here

  1. When we were first here I really thought that I was doing well with not having some American favorites. My parents brought us some Velveeta this past month. Oh my word, I could go on and on about how I miss the Tex-Mex and many other dishes with Velveeta.
    We have been cooking our roasts in the oven because slow cookers don’t work in high altitudes. They don’t even sell them here. I am thinking you will be able to use one in Lima.
    Cute pictures of Little T #1; when are you going to post some pictures of the Little T #2 belly?

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