Baby T

That’s what my parents called Cailyn while she was in my womb those 9+  months.  We didn’t find out if she would be a girl or boy until the day she was born, so that was her name until we knew she was our Cailyn.

Once again, my parents have reason to use this name.  We are excited to announce we have another “Baby T” on the way!  We, once again, plan to call this baby, “Baby T”, until the day it is born.  We absolutely loved being surprised on the day of Cailyn’s birth, and we decided that day that we would forever be surprised as many times as we were blessed with giving birth.

So, August 31st is our target date.  I am about 8 weeks or so along, and already the time is seemingly flying by.  I guess having Cailyn has made all the difference.  Where I was focused on my pregnancy with her, I am focused now on raising her.  So, I am not so preoccupied with my pregnancy this time around. I guess most of you moms out there with more than one kid know what I mean.

Basically, we just ask for prayers now that God would allow us a smooth road.  We have come to know Him more this last semester as the God who gives as well as the God who takes away.  We praise Him for giving us this opportunity to enjoy watching a new life grow, and we ask that His Will be done in our lives throughout this entire process.

16 responses to “Baby T

  1. AHHH! Justin and Alison! What a blessing! 🙂 I smiled and squealed aloud the moment I read this! You are in our prayers- CONGRATULATIONS! God is so good! I cannot wait to watch Cailyn look after her little brother/sister!

  2. Congrats you guys!!! That is super exciting news…and you’re not too far behind us…only about 2 months!!! I pray you will have a smooth and easy pregnancy!! Blessings to all 4 of you!! Love ya and miss seeing ya!!

  3. Congratulations to you guys! Having two is such a blessing as you watch them grow up together! Hope you’re feeling great and that you have great help along the way with this pregnancy… are you guys planning on delivering in Peru? Costa Rica? or the states?

  4. YEAH!!! Congratulations!!! You guys are super parents, and you’ll love having 2 and watching them grow and bond together. We’re so excited for you!!!

  5. what great news! i had to think twice after reading the comment above. i didn’t think that i had already commented…but my brain is mush these days and i never know for sure!
    my bday is august 30th, and i’ve always thought that it’s a great time to be born : )
    congratulations, and best wishes during the remainder of the pregnancy!

  6. Congratulations! I believe you can add culture shock, multiple transitions, and language learning to raising your little girl “list.” You are not too far behind us. July 22 is my due date. I think Peru is an excellent place to give birth. 🙂

  7. What super news! 🙂 I am so thrilled for you guys! There is so much fun in store for you!

    Blessings on Baby T – 2nd edition! I hope you are feeling well.

  8. Congratulations you guys, we are so excited for you. Cailyn will love being a big sister like Lucy. Lucy still talks about her every now and then and misses being there to play with all her friends and Ms. Gloria.
    Lindsey and Sean McCann

  9. How wonderful! I am so happy for the three of you, and you’ll definitely be in our prayers!

    Were you able to tell the family while there were there for Christmas?

    PS–Are you caught up on Lost yet? Jason and I are anxiously awaiting the season 5 premiere tomorrow night!

  10. Yay!!! Congratulations guys. I am so excited for you. What a blessing. Chris and I are praying for you and hope you are doing well!

  11. Okay, I was just reading your lastest newsletter (thanks for putting me on the mailing list, btw), when a NAME POSSIBILITY popped into my head.

    If Baby T turns out to be a boy, you might consider the name “Liam” for him…it’s an anagram of Lima…and while you were preparing for LIMA, you were blessed with LIAM!

    If it’s a girl, she could be MILA!

    (Can you tell we had to do anagrams this morning on NPR’s Sunday puzzle?)

    Out of fresh ideas…which is bad because it’s time to start on the HOPE church bulletin,
    Kristy, praying for Baby T (and all the Big Ts, too)

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