Always Busy

So, we have some random pictures of Cailyn I thought I would share.  She is constantly busy doing soemthing, and we are definitely in the “It’s quiet, where’s Cailyn?” stage.  So, enjoy seeing what she’s been up to recently:

Beware:  Will walk around with tape on her nose for a good hour.


The legs of her pajamas have never fit her thighs better!


She was only upset due to the fact that I took the lip gloss away when I found her.  So sad.


Wow, really makes me question my pants size…ouch.



Can be found reading a good book often.


And yes, despite having to chase her down every once in a while, we wouldn’t trade her for the world!


5 responses to “Always Busy

  1. Okay, this is precious! I love how you caught her in action! 🙂 This brought a smile to my day! Praying for you guys, sounds like your family had a wonderful time visiting you!

  2. OK, I think this stage lasts for awhile. I “didn’t hear” Ana the other day, and she was in my room where she had found my bag of makeup. To make a long story short, she looked ready for war. “Quiet” can be so deceiving can’t it? 🙂

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