Family Visit: Christmas Eve/Christmas Day (part II of III)

***ChRiStMaS eVe***

That just meant, MORE PICTURES!

I was ELATED to have received PEPPERMINT OREOS when my parents came.  My dear friend, Rachel Landolt (Hudgens) was sweet enough to send them for me through my parents.  My most favorite Oreos EVER are mint, and I guess this Christmas Season brought a new flavor, Peppermint!  You cannot get these here in CR, so I was beyond excited (yes, elated, as I said before).  I had my entire 2 families chow on the box with me the FIRST night my parents were here, because otherwise, I would have weighed a ton from eating them all myself.  Yes, I have serious portion control issues with these mint flavored, glorious cookies!


they went fast (much to my disappointment)…



Andy, sporting his new CR hat


Posing with our new gifts


Ra! Ra! Ra! (thanks Aunt Sister – hannah)


Thanks to Angela Robinson, we had this gift for Teri this year…a handmade list cover.  It was really pretty.  We appreciate your hard work, Angela!


One of many gifts from our sweet church family in TN, Fairlane CofC…she loves the etch-a-sketch!


Justin did great this year, and he got me a ring I’ve been looking at for some time.  Thanks a ton, J!


Most favorite gift by far.  She is a BUSY MAMA with this stroller.  We had bought one for her, but the Fletchers couldn’t fit Sofia’s stroller in their bags when they left, so…we took the one we bought back, and Cailyn got this FREE Christmas gift…Thanks Fletchers!


Preston snugglin’ up with Cailyn’s new Horton Hears a Who doll



All of us!


We celebrated Christmas day with a great dinner and fellowship with our family, the Clancy family, and the Kliewer family.  Mark has some more pictures of our evening on his blog if you’d like to check that out.  The Kliewers are some good friends we’ve made here at ILE.  Lindsey’s family has sugar cookie decorating contests when they get together for the Holidays, so she brought all the ingredients for decorating cookies to our house this year.  Allie LOVED decorating, and we ALL loved eating them!  Thanks Lindsey!


So, that was it for Christmas.  Justin’s family left on the 26th, so the next few days were full of activity with my parents.  Check out Part III, the next post, for that!  If you’re still reading, thanks for sticking with us!


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