Family Visit: Alison’s Family (part III of III)

Time with my family brought more fun.  We chose to stay in town with them as opposed to traveling, and we were glad to have time to share with them some of the things we do on a regular basis.  Each night, Honey and Daddy-O sang with Cailyn in bed as she went to sleep (a treat for everyone in my family…including me and justin!).  We wondered how spoiled she would be when they left, because her bed-time routine is MUCH shorter with us on a regular basis.  But, despite the royal treatment she got with her grandparents, she went to bed last night very well.

My mom saved some small gifts for Cailyn to open each day even after Christmas, so Cailyn loved getting a new present each day.  I guess this is one of the perks of having grandparents that live so far away and come so far to see you.  So, here she is opening one of the gifts.

Reading with Honey…a favorite activity.


Basically, going to the park is a frequent activity of ours.

Showing Daddy-O how we are totally big enough to do EVERYTHING at the park ALONE!




We headed to the Children’s Museum here in San Jose this past Monday with the Davidsons and Mark.  The kids had fun, and we enjoyed our time with family and teammates.



kissing the pig…


yeah, not sure what these masks were symbolizing…we were laughing to much to read the sign at the museum.  nice one, dad!


group shot in the train…



learning how bananas are grown, cleaned, and packaged.  basically, the kids only liked the part about the water…





very silly mark…




Nice photo just as our family left.


We had a great time with my parents.  We got to take them to the grocery stores we shop at, the food market on Saturday morning where we buy our fruits and veggies, the parks we like to play at, our school, down town for some souvenir shopping, and our favorite restaurant here, Inka Grill, a peruvian cuisine (IT’S AMAZING).  We loved having them visit.

Thanks, mom, dad, and Hannah for all of the wonderful gifts, the quality time spent, the help financially, the loving you gave Cailyn, the parenting break you gave us ;-), and the laughter.  We loved it all!

And…the marathon post(s) are over!


One response to “Family Visit: Alison’s Family (part III of III)

  1. Loved theses posts! Looks like ya’ll had a great time!

    …I love that you put her in rainboots to go to the beach. What a great idea!

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