A couple of weeks worth of Pictures

Just thought I’d share some pictures from the past couple of weeks.  Enjoy.

“Hmmm…this yogurt looks like lotion.  I love lotion…”


“Maybe if I just rub it on my face…”


“Yep, it has the same effect.”


Posing for Tío (Uncle) Wes to take a picture…


Hugging our best friend, Maddox, before he moved back to the U.S. for a while…sad times…


Enjoying a few “December Treats” sent to us by our Honey.  This has been a long-standing tradition at my house.  Each day from December 1st until the 24th, my parents would have a small treat for Hannah and I to open as a way of counting down until Christmas.  So, my mom so sweetly decided to continue this with Cailyn.  We have loved it!  We open a different gift each day until they come!  Here are pictures of a few of them…

Counting Blocks…LOVE ‘EM!


Favorite thing about them…knocking them down!


Cool Bar of Soap…there is a material covering it that helps her keep it in her hands to wash her own body without it slipping all over the place…maybe they’re totally old news in the States, but not to us…we’d never seen one before…


New shoes and cool Christmas shirt!



Some Johnson’s Baby Wash…she loves lathering up!



Finally, colored pencils!



She has learned (as of a month ago or so) how to hold on and swing without us propping her up in the swing…the regular kind…I don’t think anyone here in Costa Rica has ever thought to make those baby-safe ones…those are long gone for us.


Loves to dress up in her ballerina stuff…we have a lot thanks to our friend Sofia…


That’s it for now.  Blessings to everyone.


3 responses to “A couple of weeks worth of Pictures

  1. What a wonderful thing Honey does for her prized grand daughter! Not only is it wonderful for Kailyn, but it will help keep them connected in such a way that will be so special for years to come! That’s something we work really hard on in our family, keeping Nathan connected with family from back home. It’s work, but so so so worth it! And the counting blocks… so awesome! Hope you guys have a great holiday!

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