Hurting Hearts

Some of you may have already checked out the Fletcher’s blog, but in case you haven’t, we wanted to let you know that they did, in fact, lose their sweet baby.  Stephanie will go through with a procedure tomorrow (DNC) in Abilene, and they will then head back to be with family in Brenham, TX.

Thank you all for praying for them, thinking about them, and even commenting on their blog.  All of this is encouraging, and we appreciate it.  Please continue to pray for  them.  Below, I copied the small update they put on their blog for you to read in case you wanted to.  Thanks again for your continued prayers…we honestly cannot say that enough.

From the Fletcher’s Blog:

“We just got back from our doctors appointment and I wanted to write a quick note to let everyone know what is going on. My heart is hurting when I tell you that we have lost another child. We spent a lot of time talking with our doctor about what to do because my body had already begun the miscarrige process without my knowledge. We have decided to go ahead and have a procedure (DNC) done here in Abilene before we go back to Brenham . We will be having the procedure tomorrow, will rest for the day and go back to Brenham on Tuesday. Thank you again for all your prayers. Please continue to pray for our family, for renewed hope and peace.”


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