Petition for Prayers!

Some of you might also follow our teammate’s blogs, and we would encourage anyone who hasn’t already to for sure check them out.  Reading about their families and what is going on for them in their lives will also give you a glimpse of what we are experiencing as well.

On that note, we wanted to petition you all for prayers in these next few days especially.  Our sweet teammates, Lee and Stephanie Fletcher, are continuing to go through some very stressful and emotional events in their life.  They lost their precious son, Levi, a few months ago now, and just a few weeks after that, God allowed them, despite their lack of planning this, to become pregnant once again.  That in and of itself was an emotional time due to the fact that it was still a very sensitive time for Steph’s body, physically.  They have embraced God’s timing and his plan for their lives, and they have been doing all they can do to protect this new baby.

Just a few of days ago, they had a sonogram, and a heartbeat was not detected.  After corresponding with their Dr. in the States, Dr. Tadvick (who is AMAZING by the way), he encouraged them to get another sonogram this coming week to check for a second time on this baby’s life.  In all of this, the Feltchers have decided to fly home a week early.  They will leave tomorrow, and they will have a sonogram on Sunday with Dr. Tadvick.  We are asking for a clear vision during the sonogram of the baby, and if it is true that nothing could have been detected in her last sonogram, we are boldly asking for a miracle.  We believe God can work in Powerful! ways, and there is no limit to his greatness.  Please, please, pray for Lee and Stephanie’s hearts as they have been through the ringer nearly this entire time they have lived in Costa Rica.

Lastly, Stephanie has written many things on her blog about Levi and has updated everyone on this baby as well.  We encourage you to read it so that you can have a better idea of what to pray for.  Thank you for your prayers!

OK…I can’t get the link to work, but their blog is listed on the right of our page…PLEASE READ and PRAY!

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