And, we’re done!

Yes, our first, full trimester is ending as we speak.  We just have 2 days left, and most of this week consists of fiestas in our classes along with some learning here and there.  We are glad.  Our brains and emotions need a break.  Isn’t that how school usually is for everyone?  We are happy to have made it this far, and we honestly believe our next (and final) trimester will fly by even faster than this one has.

Lately, we’ve just been enjoying our life here while continuing to experience the excitement that comes with living under Christ.  Just this past Sunday, our teammate, Wes, was in charge of our worship thoughts, and he encouraged us all to think through what it means for God’s Kingdom to be here on earth.  My first thought was that the Kingdom of God comes to earth every day in different forms.  Now, I realize Jesus will return to earth some day in a way he has not come yet, but I believe we see a glimpse of God’s Kingdom every day.  In Creation around us, when someone encourages us, when our children pray, when someone meets Jesus for the first time, when a child is born, in the ways we treat one another, in the unexpected blessings we receive…and so many more things.

All of these things are so wonderful and amazing to witness, and yet don’t you await the day when God’s Kingdom is fully at our fingertips?  Like…when he comes and takes us home?  I am definitely ready for that.  Life here is so great at times, but even when we multiply those great times by 1 million, I know it can’t compare.  I need to focus on that a little more this week.


Here’s a glimpse of the little things we’ve been up to in photo form.  Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Singing in a Christmas Program…0-4 yrs. group.  Cailyn is sitting next to her great friend, Lucy. (oh…and i was quite disappointed that she came with her paci in her mouth…how in the world was she supposed to sing like that?  well…she didn’t exactly sing, but she might have!)





Dressing up…


Eating popsicles with those crazy Fletcher kids! 🙂



Practicing tracing our fingers with crayons…


(and, no.  those yellow flowers are not a part of a coloring book for those who haven’t yet seen our kitchen theme in previous pictures.  they are definitely the design on our table…yes, you can all feel sorry for us now!)

And posing for pictures in the park…



Ok, one last thing.

Cailyn turned 18m on the 6th, so I thought I would post a picture for everyone to compare looks.  As we all know, she looks like her dad.  yeah, yeah, yeah.  My mom sent me some pictures of me when I was around her age, so I thought it would be fun to compare.  I have no idea how old I really am in those pictures, but it seems close from what I can tell…so, feel free to tell us what you think!



Happy Comparing…




3 responses to “And, we’re done!

  1. ok, i knew she was really part of you too. great comparison picture. think that was at aunt becky and uncle ted’s wedding. ask aunt becky when she was married. same eye shape, nose shape and cheeks. it’s just that blonde hair and blue, blue eyes are not you. 🙂

  2. I’m seeing the same nose, mouth, and face shape! You’re definitely in there!

    Thanks for the encouraging blog, and congratulations on being DONE with your first trimester of school! I love watching the Lord use you- keep em coming!

  3. Great pictures! Ana and Shaye have their Christmas program next Wednesday and we are so excited to see it! We have transitioned from classes at our school to hiring a private tutor in our homes. But this is my last week until after Christmas. My brain is definitely fried–especially since we covered it all in 3 months–Ahhhhh!
    I love the comparison. There is definitely some of you in her. I totally agree with the above comments. Enjoy your break. Wish we could visit with you guys.

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