Good Eats…

Yes, we had some really good eats on Thanksgiving this year!  We could not have been blessed with a better “first Thanksgiving” away from family.  Honestly, it was so great.

Before I get into that (and after I just made it clear that we had a great time), I just want to list a few things I did, in fact, still miss this year:


  • Cooking with mom and Han
  • The cold weather
  • Going to see a movie in the theater with the fam after our meal on Thursday
  • Playing board games with family
  • Having a holiday on the actual day of Thanksgiving (we had school that morning)
  • Black Friday (yes, mom, han, and i are those early birds)


So, after I got over missing those things, I had a wonderful time with friends here and my immediate little family.  

On Wednesday night, I began a little pre-turkey day cooking, and Cailyn helped.  She got a bit possessive a couple of times with the spoons, but we got the job done!  We made our Grandma Hawkins’ dressing/stuffing recipe, and it was a hit.  We have TONS left over, so that was a good lesson for next year.


(she had just woken up from a nap…a bit disheveled to say the least…and, no, I didn’t let her nasty nose get into the dressing for any of those reading that actually ate with us…haha…promise!)

Thanksgiving afternoon, Cailyn helped me finish up the green bean casserole after her nap that day.  She was very helpful until she wouldn’t give me the spoon back and a battle between “really in a hurry mom” and “cranky, just woke up cailyn” began.  It didn’t last too long, THANK goodness.  I was THANKFUL for that on Thanksgiving.


We ate our meal with our teammates (minus the Davidsons who were in the States this year with family), and several other families/singles that are here whom we’ve met and feel close with.  We did a potluck style meal, and we had some amazing dishes that were brought!  I think the biggest props go to Lindsey Kliewer, who was in charge of bringing “salad”.  Ok.  When she told me she could bring salad, I had NO IDEA!  She brought the best salad BAR ever!  She had even made homemade dressing.  It was great.  After we ate some great food, we had way too much dessert, but it was, of course, delicious!  Here’s some pictures of our meal.  Oh…I also just want to say I am very thankful for the living room God provided for us here, because it served as a wonderful “dining hall”!















He is so amazing!

So, we had a great time, and we are so glad to be looking forward to Christmas.  Our families get here in 18 days!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!


2 responses to “Good Eats…

  1. Cailyn makes quite the cook! I am so happy you were able to share in such wonderful fellowship on Thanksgiving- what a wonderful blessing to know in Christ, we always have a family to gather together with and be thankful- very encouraging! Thanks for the post!

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