Museums, Popcorn, & Christmas Trees

Cailyn has officially been on her first field trip.  She had fun.  Due to the fact that I missed the first three days of this last week of school, Justin was her elected parent chaperone.  She loves him to death, so I’m pretty sure she didn’t notice I wasn’t there.  All of the Rayitos classes (babies to 4 yrs.) went to the Children’s Museum here in San Jose this past Friday morning.  Justin said it was really neat.  It is huge, and they have a lot of fun areas for the kids to play in.  Justin said that he and Cailyn hung at the back of the group with another family we have met here.  Their little girl, Shelby, is about 10 months old, and she and Cailyn played together most of the time.  Basically, I think they look like they could have been twins.  Shelby is just adorable, and she reminds me of what Cailyn looked like when she was her age.  So, here they are at the museum…

(oh yeah.  remember how i said i wasn’t there?  that’s why cailyn’s hair is in her face in EVERY picture…honestly, I can’t complain.  at least he took some great pictures!)

eating with some classmates:


i guess maddox felt the need to feed cailyn some popcorn:







Friday night the Fletcher kids played with us for a few hours while Lee and Steph went out.  Cailyn’s Aunt Steph has so graciously introduced the whole idea of “popcorn and a movie” to Cailyn since we’ve been here in CR.  So, of course Sofia asked to do this while they were over.  What’s a Friday night without popcorn and a movie?


Saturday morning took us to the market for our usual fruit and veggie stock up for the week.  This week we were so excited to see some Christmas tree vendors.  They had small trees there for sale for some great deals.  So, of course we got one!  The Fletchers were with us, and they got one as well.  So, that afternoon, we all trekked up to Jumbo (our main grocery stop) to get a few things to decorate with.  After buying some construction paper, tape, popcorn, and a small string of lights, we were set.  This morning, we got together to make paper chain garland for our trees.  We also bought some oranges and spice to fill them with.  The kids had fun.  Steph and I ended up doing most of the work, but it was fun anyway.  Here are a few pictures from the beginning of the process to the “almost” end.  (we still have to string some popcorn).

just after we got home from the market:


maddox and cailyn posing for the picture:


after justin strung the lights:


it just so happened we had 3 nails on the wall there.  perfect!  yes, we brought some stockings with us…of course!


a shot in the dark:


spicing up the oranges:




our house smells AMAZING now from the oranges and our tree.  it’s great!

And, I will leave you with one last picture.  And, yes, she did put this entire outfit together on her own, and she did sit there and read that book for quite a while.


Hope everyone has a great week!


4 responses to “Museums, Popcorn, & Christmas Trees

  1. Buenos Dias!
    Great stuff. Especially loved the last pic. We have one like that of you, Alison. Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks. Love, Dad

  2. Oh my goodness, that last picture is classic… as in wedding video one day in the future classic 🙂 The tree looks so great and I know it’s so much fun to have those first year memories… will you guys still be in CR for Christmas? Our first one on the field was bittersweet, hard to be without our parents, but neat to have time just our family unit. I pray your’s will be that a special time for you guys and your team! By the way… you have to tell me the secret to the oranges… I’m all about the holiday smells and I have never seen that before!

  3. Hello to you! Tears came to my eyes when I saw Cailyn’s beautiful face this morning on the screen at church. What a precious girl! I had looked for your blog several times in the past but obviously never had the right word combination. I came home today determined to find you!Yippee! Task accomplished! I haven’t had a chance to look at all your entries yet, but how amazing is what I have seen!:) Anna Katherine and Macie can’t wait to take over the mouse so they can look at all the pictures of Cailyn. They mention her so often!

    All the children that were in our cradle roll class with Cailyn were promoted, and we are now waiting on several mothers to have their babies. Shanna Boyette, Kylie’s mom, had a beautiful baby girl named Olivia. She has been to class twice now. Cindy Pope, Addison’s mom, had a little girl named Emma Grace. She is not very old, and we have not seen her yet. Julie Sanborn is expecting in Jan. All kinds of wonderful job security for us!!!:):)

    Glad all is well! I have saved you as a favorite so we will definitely be checking back!
    Lots of love,
    Amanda Lemmons
    Fairlane Church of Christ

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