Spanish Stinks

Well…mine, that is.

Being gone from school for 3 days totally threw me for a loop.  I know, it was only 3 days, but it did.  I got into my grammar class this morning and made mistakes I felt incredibly dumb for making.  Granted, we are working on learning the past tense, and the teacher was going around and asking us to give sentences that were specific to the lessons I had not been there to learn.  But still…geez.  Every time she got to me, there were corrections to be made…and they weren’t me correcting myself.  It was the teacher doing all the correcting.  I just shut down after a while.  Gave up.  Decided I didn’t care.  Except that I do care.  I have to care.  Basically, it was just a frustrating day in my life as spanish grammar student.

Just as I was thinking “do we really have to be in class any longer?”, our teacher asked us to describe our best friend from high school by using the form of the past tense we had just learned.  I immediately knew who I would talk about.  

Tara Branch (Powell).  

So, Tara, if you’re reading this, I just want you to know that a little thought of the past, of home, of things familiar, – of you – helped me today amidst my frustration and total misunderstanding of this language I am desperately trying to learn.  I appreciate that you have been such an amazing friend.  It was such an honor to talk about you today (even if I had to be corrected some).  I am blessed to have a friend like you that knows me truly for who I am due to our history and wonderful experiences together.

Lastly, I just ask for prayers from those of you that keep up with us on here.  While there are days that we feel great about what we are learning, we also have days that make us feel so far from the finish line.  We could not be at a better school…at least in my opinion.  God is giving us a fantastic learning opportunity.  We praise him for that.  If you happen to think of us during your day, please pray that we have strength, determination, patience, and whatever else we need to successfully learn this beautiful language called Spanish.


5 responses to “Spanish Stinks

  1. I know that you will do well. You will catch a second wind and not be as frustrated another day. You are still new at this. You are improving. And there will come a point where it will all click, and you will suddenly feel like you really are fluent in Spanish. You are doing a great job!

  2. I can totally relate. I think I had about a week and a half of feeling that way. Keep it up. The speed bumps make your Spanish skills better. At least that is what I tell myself.

  3. We’ll be praying.

    I, too, was frustrated with Spanish yesterday. Chloe had to come up with sentences using her Spanish spelling words. Um…I don’t know Spanish. How was I suppose to help her? Thankfully, she comes up with easy sentences and I can (sort of) fake it with the S-E dictionary. I need Chloe to get it so she can help the younger ones! Yikes!

  4. We can totally relate… but I promise you it will get better, you will have really funny stories of language blunders to tell your Peruvian friends throughout the years, and God will loose your tongues in amazing ways to share His gospel… that you can be sure of! And remember too, that you are the one paying for language school… don’t be afraid to direct your teachers in what you feel your needs are (as well as what they see your needs are). They are there to help you… you are the client… and also, just jump in there. I know it’s so hard to be corrected all the time, but keep speaking (without thinking as much) and it will start to flow… it will… God is faithful!!!

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