Online Radio…A Life Saver!

I’m at home today for the second day in a row from school with pink eye.  Basically it stinks except for the fact that I have some alone/quiet time this morning to get a few extra things done.  Yesterday morning was not so much that case.  I slept all morning and then went to the Dr. to get myself some medicine.  So here I am…

I once told my mom that I was pretty sure I could get almost anyone to enjoy Christian music if I could just introduce them to my favorite (EVER) radio station…89.3 KSBJ.  This is a radio station out of Houston, TX, and I was privileged growing up to have a station in my town that picked it up.  So, because my parents listened to that, so did I.  Then, after a while, that is what I chose to listen to on my own.  Then, once I lived in Abilene, I ALWAYS left a button on my car radio set at this station so that when I drove back into College Station from college I could begin listening just as soon as it started to come in on my speakers.  Then after that, once I was married, Justin so sweetly programmed it into our car so that we could do the same when we came home on weekends to visit our families.  I LOVE this station!  Honestly, I do.

This station has amazing music, they don’t play ANY commercials unless they are announcements about Christian Living or Christian concerts going on that people need to know about, they totally play Christmas music from the day after Thanksgiving until the day of Christmas (AAHHH!), and they have a website that is SO EASY to access listening to them ONLINE!  So, at this moment in my life, my favorite thing that they offer is the fact that I can listen to them online here in Costa Rica.  It is such a blessing.

So, of course, I am listening to them now as I post on my blog since I am home with pink eye.  My day is getting better!  PLEASE check them out if you are not familiar with them.  If you’re in College Station, I think the station is 93.3FM (honestly, I can’t remember exactly…it might be could this be since I am so obsessed?  Remember…it was programmed on my radio – no memorization involved).  OR, if you are in any other city, state, or country, you can go to their website at and listen to them.  Their website also has some other neat things you can check out.  The minute you get to their website, the play button for listening is HUGE and basically in your face on the home page.  ENJOY!


In other news:

We have had a great past couple of weeks.  We got to go to the park with the Davidsons for a picnic and some relaxation a couple of weekends ago.  The kids loved it, and the parks here are gorgeous!








After such a good time with the Davidsons at the park, they decided this would be a great spot for our team to have our worship time together this past Sunday.  So, we all took a meal to the park and really enjoyed singing, listening to JM bring us a message about letting go of our worries and letting God take control, and watching the kids play together.  Our team has such a great time when we get together.  We were also joined by a few others we have met here in CR, so that was a joy.  Right before we got to the park for our worship time, the Fletcher family took us to an area of downtown that had TONS of pigeons.  Steph bought some corn, and we got to feed them with the kids.  It was neat.  Cailyn was a tad apprehensive at first, but she eventually warmed up.  When we left, she waved goodbye to the birds until we could barely see them anymore.  Thanks, Fletchers, for introducing us to this!







And, I will end with the 2 sweeties in my life.  We definitely have a Daddy’s Girl on our hands!


(Drew & Tara B., if you read this…know that this baby doll is the baby you gave Cailyn…she still LOVES it!)

Hope everyone has a great week!


2 responses to “Online Radio…A Life Saver!

  1. Hi guys! It has taken me forever but I got to your blog. It is good to see what has been going on with you and your team. I know that it is great to spend this time together before entering Peru. We are so excited for you guys to get here. It will be here before you know it.

  2. Alison,
    Love all the pictures, especially the last one! That’s a keeper! Sorry about the pink eye, but at least you don’t feel too bad. If you ever want a little variety in your radio you can also check out Another great station!
    : )

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