Almost as good as MY OWN birthday…

Yes, that’s how I would describe how I felt on November 6th.  This was Stephanie Fletcher’s 30th birthday, and boy did we birthday-it-up!  Honestly, I might have had more fun on her birthday this year than mine.  No offense to anyone who made my birthday very special, but November 6th was a day I will never forget!  

Ever since the beginning of this year (even before being here in CR), Steph has been telling all of us that she wanted to go Salsa Dancing for her birthday.  I think a lot of us just kind of nodded our heads and made her think we were in on the fun, but when it came down to it, none of us were completely sure we had the moves in us.  Well, at least that’s how I felt.  Bob and Patti Grigg, Steph’s parents, got to come this past Monday to visit them for an entire week here in CR.  So, in the week preceding her birthday, Steph assured us all that her parents would go dancing with her if none of the rest of us did.  I’m not sure any of us had completely decided “no”, but we still weren’t committing.  Well, the day before Steph’s birthday got here, and one of our Tica, teacher friends here told us that she had a surprise for Steph that she thought we should know about.  ***FYI***  It is VERY common here to have mariachi bands come and play for a person for their birthday at midnight.  I even remember the first week we were here waking up at midnight to one of these bands and thinking “are you KIDDING me?!”. (ok, fyi over)***  So, Alejandra, our friend, wanted us to know that she had hired a mariachi band to come, and since we were their neighbors, she thought we might want to know.  Uh…YEAH!  So, we went to bed knowing that we would wake up in nearly 3 hours from then.

Midnight hit, and boy did it hit!  Basically, due to the fact that our bedroom is in the front of our house, and our windows are open at night, it sounded like they were playing at the foot of our bed!  I mean, it was so loud!  We both jumped up, grabbed our camera, and proceeded to unlock the twelve different bolts we have to get through to open our house (well, it feels like 12 any way).  When we got outside, Steph and her family were there just cracking up.  She was in shock and completely surprised!  The band was awesome, and they definitely played for 15 min.  None of our kids woke up, thank the Lord, but after that experience, I don’t think any of us could fall back to sleep easily.  We were wired.  Honestly, if we were going to be woken up at that time by a band, this would be the band I would want playing.  They really were great.  So…that was fun.  Here’s what they looked like:


In case you’re wondering, that metal basket is what people have in front of their homes to put their trash in…i guess like trash cans, but not really.  We share this one with the Fletchers.

Later that day, we had a mini birthday party with some cakes for Steph up at our school that her mom had made.  That was yummy.  Around the end of our school day (1pm-ish) is when the Davidsons and us decided we would tag along for the dancing.  Lee had sent us all an email that it would actually be a class, and we all thought that after that we would then get to practice what we had learned.  Uh…yeah, we were wrong.

Once all the kids were with their babysitters, we all headed about 5 minutes from where we live to the place where this “dancing” (or whatever kind of moving we were able to do) would take place.  The Fletchers and Griggs got there first, and the Davidsons and Justin and I followed.  We had all dressed in jeans, nice shirts, and cute/handsome dancing shoes (like, “going out” type shoes).  Just as the taxi driver was pulling in, Tara looked at me with this unsure face and said, “I feel like we should be wearing sweat pants or something right now and not what we have on.”  I had no clue what gave her that idea, and I was wondering why she had said that.  So, we headed up the stairs to our destination.  As Tara, JM, J, and I made our way up the steps, we could hear loud salsa music.  It sounded fun.  Just as we got near the doors, Steph flies out of the door laughing so incredibly hard I thought she was going to wet herself.  We immediately looked through the glass doors and saw them.  Yes, it was not a salsa dancing hang out, we had definitely just showed up for a salsa dancing aerobics class!  I immediately saw Lee in the corner and Patti near a wall totally doing their best to follow the insanely fast dance moves that the rest of the class seemed to have no trouble with.  We were all dying laughing by this time.  Steph made it VERY clear that she owed us all big time as we walked in and found ourselves a place on the back row.

Well, the rest of the story is that we all sweat harder than we have sweat since being here in CR, many of us had blisters on the bottoms of our feet because we did not have tennis shoes on, and we had the BEST time laughing, trying to dance, and making fools of ourselves for the next hour and a half!  Here are some photos that captured our fun:









And that was our evening.  Afterward, we went across the street for ice-cream.  Steph, at least in my opinion, had a GREAT birthday!  Happy 30th, Stephanie!

I’ll leave you with a picture I took that does complete injustice to the actual thing.  Our street guard tapped on our gate yesterday to make sure we didn’t miss this:


Even though you can’t completely tell in the picture, this rainbow was beautiful.  It was definitely a moment to Praise God!  


5 responses to “Almost as good as MY OWN birthday…

  1. Wow! It sounds like you guys had a great time, even though it wasn’t what you expected! You have a great sense of humor about it all, and you guys are good at just enjoying the ride – where ever it may lead you!!!

  2. wow……………….justin salsa dancing!! did i tell you that i took salsa lessons a few years ago!! i had a blast………….don’t know if i remember any of it! haha

    love you, love mom

  3. You guys are great friends, and how fun that you all went along with it. I love the first picture with the lady looking over her shoulder at you guys! Classic!

    Now, I can’t see if my friends will be good enough take me up on my “karaoke night” 30th birthday request… 🙂

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