Time Flies Too Fast

I just realized that the last thing we’ve posted about was our trip that happened almost 3 weeks ago…or so.  We definitely have had things going on, so my lack of posting is not due to the Thompson family being bored!

The most recent thing, I guess, would be Halloween.  I feel like I have already told you all that read our blog about our fun times for Halloween, because I was in charge of posting on our team’s website recently, and that is what I posted about.  If you want to check it out, go to our team website and see some fun pictures of our kids – www.twentyeight19.org.  

Basically, to summarize, we held a “Fall Festival Fiesta” with the Fletchers in between our two homes.  We used our house for some of the activities and their house for others.  There were several families from our school that joined us, and our entire team was here, so we had a great time.  Cailyn was a Hawaiian Hula Girl…that’s all we had to dress up in really.  Maddox Fletcher just happened to be a Surfer boy, so they looked cute together.  Steph and I took the easy route, and we used their bathing suits as costumes…what else were we gonna do?  They were cute, though.  Here are some pictures from that night…






Steve Allison, professor and counselor at ACU, came to visit our team this past Thurs.-Mon. here in CR!  We had a great time with him.  He just came to visit us as well as allow us to utilize his skills for some team counseling and “retreat-style” learning.  He told us, prior to his coming, that he would love to go and experience riding a zip line in the jungle somewhere here.  So, Lee and John Mark did a lot of leg work to make sure we all got to go on a day trip together while he was here.  John Mark found a wonderful taxi driver that had a 15 passenger van we rode in.  This meant all of the kids were in our laps.  That was interesting.  Actually, they were all really good on the way there as well as on the way home.  John Mark sat in the very back seat with all 3 of the oldest kids, Sofia, Kellan, and Jakob, and he was smart enough to bring their portable DVD player, so they kids got to watch “The Incredibles”.  They loved it.  After about an hour or so of driving, our ride began getting extremely curvy, and we all felt a bit sick.  The twists and turns were coming every other second, and our driver literally drove faster than anyone I have ever seen in the mountains.  Within just moments Sofia began to get sick to her stomach.  We quickly crowd surfed her up to the seat Steph and Lee were in, only to watch her throw up just as they anchored a plastic bag in front of her.  She got her mama’s genes when it comes to motion sickness.  Maddox looked like he might lose it next, so Lee began “teaching” him how to aim for the bag when he got sick.  Maddox, thankfully, fell asleep soon thereafter.  Only minutes after that, Jake, almost out of nowhere, began crying that his stomach was hurting.  JM passed Jake over the seat to Wes, just in case.  We had already begun to try and find a bag to hand to Wes in case Jake got sick as well, but…oh wait…Jake threw up too fast.  It was ALL OVER Wes, and we had to stop on the side of the road this time.  Thankfully, Wes brought a change of clothes.  Unfortunately, it was a long-sleeved, button-down, fishing shirt that was slightly plaid looking and his bathing suit that had Hawaiian flowers on it.  Yeah, he looked cool the rest of the day.  Especially in his zip line harness.  We all made fun of him.  So, after a VERY long trip there, we finally made it.  We first went on a boat tour, and we got to see some monkeys, a crocodile, an eagle sitting on a log that actually had a fish in it’s claw, bats, big lizard things (not sure what they were), and other fun stuff like that.  The kids loved it, and we all enjoyed the relaxing time together.  After the boat tour, we had the most amazing, family-style (served as if it were in someone’s own dining room) lunch together.  We ate some great food that the women there had prepared over the open fire.  It was tasty!  After that, we all went and suited up for the zip line tour.  We took the sweetest teenage girl, whose parents are students at ILE as well, with us to help watch the kids when we were on the zip line.  The problem was, we thought we would have the chance to go in 2 different groups.  We didn’t, so that meant one of us had to stay behind and help her watch all of the kids.  John Mark was extremely gracious, and he took that job.  I just want to give him another HUGE THANK YOU!  He really showed some selflessness in those moments.  I believe Steve had a great time, and he said he would be able to mark this experience off of his “bucket list”.  It was fun to have experienced that with him.  Our trip home took significantly less amount of time than our trip to our tours took.  We’re still not sure why our taxi/bus driver chose the original route in the first place.  Oh well…isn’t that what memories are made of?!  Here are some pictures from our day…




yes, this is Jakob’s shoe…





We have now begun another week of school, and life goes on as we know it.  Please continue to pray for us as we are struggling and enjoying (all at the same time) learning this new language.  Peace.


3 responses to “Time Flies Too Fast

  1. Oh! So sad to read that the children were all getting motion sickness. I would of been right there with them…what a terrible feeling it is.

    The kids look so cute dressed up for Halloween! What a great memory!

  2. Your sweet hula girl is so precious! I hope you three are having a great week. Know that you are in our prayers!

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