Our favorite things

Cailyn definitely has a thing for shoes.  She loves to put them on, take them off, put them back on, take them back off…you get the picture.  She tries this with our shoes, and it usually just ends in frustration due to the fact that she can’t take more than a few steps without them falling off.  You would think it was Christmas at our house when we open her closet and she sees all of her shoes in the bin just ready and waiting for her to play with them.  Some of her favorites are her rain boots, which I was hoping would fit sooner than now, because it rains so much here.  She is just now getting to where she can walk in them because they are slightly too big.  

Tonight I began packing for our trip to Panama this weekend, so I pulled out this cute little hat that our friend Rachel Landolt gave Cailyn before we left Abilene, TX many months ago.  She finally fits in it!  Cailyn loved playing dress-up tonight, so we thought we needed a picture:

p.s.-mom, that is the little outfit you got her a long time ago.  that fits now, too!

Another favorite.  Of course, the rain cover we recently got.  Here it is in action.  Now… if I just had a full body rain cover to protect me.  That would be nice.  You can’t really tell in the picture, but I was SOAKED to the core.  We had walked with our team to 2for1 Pizza for dinner and back, and it was raining pretty hard.  The best thing…Cailyn stayed dry!

A third favorite of ours is a new game daddy taught us how to play with coins.  Check out her concentration.  She totally gets that from Justin.  I don’t know that I can concentrate that hard on anything.  Well…maybe eating something I really like.

Finally, a favorite of our entire family is our sweet empleada, Marta.  Marta comes 3 days a week to clean our home and cook for us.  She is the sweetest lady ever, she has worked for students of the school we attend for nearly 30 years, and she loves God.  She makes some great food, American as well as Costa Rican, and we love to practice spanish with her.  She is so gracious with me as I stumble through sentences, and she has years of practice listening to broken spanish and making sense of it.  I really don’t know how I would do everything on my own without her help.  Honestly, we probably wouldn’t have ever (at least at this time in our life) had a maid come to our home if we were in the States.  It is a bit different here.  Having her helps us to be able to go to school each day, come home and spend time as a family, and also have time for studying without feeling like our home is a wreck.  She has taught me a few things about cooking here, so that has also been a neat experience.  Not only is this great, but she is quickly becoming a friend of ours, and we love that she is a part of our lives.  This isn’t the greatest picture, but Cailyn wasn’t being extremely cooperative.  Oh…that also makes me think to mention that Cailyn is definitely getting used to Marta being around, and we are so blessed to have a trust in Marta already that makes us feel comfortable to use her as a caretaker for Cailyn if we needed or wanted to go out.

Costa Rica is definitely feeling like home in many respects.  We still long to be settled in Peru soon, but God is blessing us in this stage of our lives.  We have only Him to thank!

STAY TUNED:  We finally got our package from my parents for my birthday back on September 13th!  Video and a story coming soon…


5 responses to “Our favorite things

  1. I will be praying that God sends you someone just as wonderful in Peru once you are there. Sonia (who helps me out in our home) is such a precious Christian spirit to have in my home here, a wonderful help, and like a second mom especially to Grant. And since she doesn’t have children of her own, she loves our boys as if they were her own. It can be hard to find someone you can trust with your kids and your home, but I know God has someone planned for you guys!

  2. ok, so, i was looking this morning at your picture at the airport on Aug. 20th when you left the states –missing you and then you call to say good morning and now i see these adorable pictures of you!!! my heart is full, thank you for connecting so often. God is full of mercy!

  3. How wonderful that you have Marta! And, like Laura, I know God will send you the perfect person in Peru to be of invaluable help. Sonia is so wonderful to Laura and her family. An angel from God! She does reflect His love to the Bull family. I love seeing the photos of Cailyn and reading of your adventures there in Costa Rica. I know you look forward to the holidays with your families. God bless you all!

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