This Week…

We received a package earlier this week!  Ok, so the items in the package were actually just things (well, minus one) that we left home without, but still. My birthday package from my parents is still floating out in never never land somewhere, so I have been totally looking in our mail slot at school pretty much every day to see if it happened to come. I feel like it won’t ever come, because it was sent over a month ago. So, needless to say, we were all excited to see the second package my parents have sent (the first one we’ve received from them) in our mail slot the other day.

First, I do have to mention that Hannah got a birthday package to me that I received only a little after my actual birthday, so that was fun as well. Here were the contents…
A NEW University of Tulsa SHIRT AND WATCH!

The watch I asked her to send because I didn’t have one and totally need one here without a cell phone or something else that I carry on me with the time.  Hannah totally came through for me.  Thanks, Han!  and p.s…I totally took that picture through the mirror.  I have no clue how to use the timer on our camera, and I was home alone…go figure.  Just when I need to document the moment…

So, this other package had some VERY valuable things in it.  Drumroll please…


What were we thinking not buying one before we came?!  Obviously we thought the rain would just skip right over us and we’d stay dry.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened.  There have been several times we have been literally pummeled by the rain.  Since there is basically NO TIME for our stroller to recover and dry after it is rained on one day before it rains the next, this rain cover is so essential.  Cailyn appreciates not getting wet as well.  It’s kinda wrinkled in the picture from being stuffed in the bottom of the stroller when it isn’t in use.  You get the idea.  We LOVE it!

We also received 3 other things for Cailyn.  Hmmm…that seems a bit unfair, right?  She got a play grass skirt from her Daddy-O to play in.  She loved it immediately, and she has asked for us to put it on her several times since we got it.  We also bought her first back-pack before we left the States, had her name monogrammed on it, and forgot it there.  Bummer.  It was supposed to be for her to carry her things in to school each day.  We have improvised with another bag we brought,  but we’re happy to have gotten her bag.  She loves it.  It weighs her down when all of her things are in it for school, but she can handle a small-medium load.  The 3rd thing in the picture is a pacifier.  We left this one in the car when my parents dropped us off at the airport.  She was happy to see it again.  We now officially own TOO MANY pacifiers for a child that will not be using them for too much longer.  

Thanks mom and dad for the package!


There’s one other wonderful thing we found this week…


These became extremely important in the life of Cailyn and her snack time in the States.  She would have eaten an entire basket of them if we would have let her.  We loved that she loved them, and they were always an easy, healthy snack.  I have not seen blueberries here at any of the stores, except for AUTO MERCADO.  This is by far my favorite place to go for groceries.  This is where you can find almost anything you could want that is familiar from home in the States.  There are a few exceptions.  For instance, you can find not just regular, but double stuffed Oreos here.  In the States, you would have a choice possibly between, regular, double stuffed (which is actually spelled “stufed” i think…anyway), mint, peanut butter, and whatever else…  Here, just finding double stuffed is a treat.  So, Auto Mercado is your store!  The first time I went there I found things like Organic Salsa, Worcestershire Sauce, Veggie Wash, Kraft cheese, Activia yogurt, and so on.  Things that are basically at any Wal-mart in the US have become treats to us that we can only find so far at this one store.  Unfortunately, even though we have access to all of this, the prices are higher, which makes you cringe at times.  The last time I went there, I bought a roll of Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  Um, who could pass that up.  I paid $6.50 for the SMALL roll of it…not the family size.  That will definitely be a once in a while treat for me…especially since it lasts for like 2 seconds in our house!

Anyway…we found some frozen blueberries.  Cailyn was THRILLED to eat these again.  She sort of looked at them at first as if she were seeing something from her past that she knew she used to like.  It was so fun feeling like I could come home and surprise her with my purchase.  She ate 2 pretty large servings of them, and was sad when I told her we had to leave some for later.  


We decided to document this week a few times that Cailyn’s true cuddly side came out.  She is the biggest cuddle bug EVER.  She will literally lay on our bed and watch almost an entire movie with us, she loves to get in bed with us each morning after she wakes up, and she loves giving hugs, kisses, sitting in our laps, and climbing all over us.  This is definitely something we cherish.  I am sure we will probably not have another child as cuddly as she is.

cuddling after waking up in the morning…

enjoying more nap in daddy’s bed after napping in her own bed…

Well, that is our week.  We have a busy weekend.  Justin and I have 2 days of practice scuba diving lessons in a pool before we go on our trip to Panama on the 17th.  We are excited!  Thanks again for all those who comment to us here and elsewhere to let us know you are keeping up with us and praying.  We love you all!


3 responses to “This Week…

  1. what a cool hula skirt! we knew we had to cut it down to size and send it after we saw her in the tutu…glad you got the packages…we are still praying for the 1st pkg to show…too bad it had so much cash in it!!!

  2. Nice self-portrait! I’m impressed at your skills.

    Cailyn is adorable as ever. Love the sad “no more blueberries” face. Too cute!

    Hope your birthday package shows soon!

  3. Cailyn is beautiful! I love the picture of her in the colorful grass skirt, sporting the monogrammed backpack! 🙂 I can’t get over how gorgeous she is, especially with blueberries all over her face 🙂

    Praying for you, often!

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