A Few Things to Share…

So, we have been up to going to school lately. Not much else. Figured we could share a few pictures.

Cailyn was given 2 shirts this past summer as a gift from her Grandpa Luke. Grandpa Luke is a Plant Manager for Pepsi in North Dakota. Needless to say, there are ALWAYS good drinks at his house when we visit. This past visit, Cailyn got 2 shirts that are fairly large still, but we LOVE THEM! Here’s Cailyn modeling one of them…

Thanks Grandpa Luke!

If you’ve read any of our teammates blogs, you know the kids are enjoying the rain.  Cailyn is no exception.  She thinks she’s on top of the world when we let her walk around outside of our gate “alone”.  She just walks up and down the sidewalk as if she is all by herself.  She really loves her independence at times.

Here she is trying to knock on the “door” to her friends Sofia and Maddox Fletcher’s house.  Well…you know…you can’t really knock on anyone’s actual door, because there are gates all around, so she is knocking at their gate.  We were just passing and she stopped to knock…we didn’t remind her that they lived there.  Who knew she remembered?

This is our house.  It goes back a ways.  We really like it.  The next picture has a shot of the Fletcher’s house, too.  It is the first yellow, two-story one.

Cailyn is showing signs of being pretty into “girly” things.  She is constantly putting jewelry on, and she loves to brush her hair.  This day she got a hold of my straightener.  She was proud of herself.  (don’t worry, she found it in a drawer…not hot).

Our friends, the Yoakums, were so nice to let us use their Bumbo chair until baby Derek needs it.  We are using it to boost her in her chair for eating.  It has a tray as well.  Eating time is a little easier this way.  We took it down from the table the other day, and she loved playing in it.  Please excuse the way ghetto paci.  We had to buy another one here, and I hate it, but that was all we could find.  No NUK pacifiers…boo.  We think we will cut her off from these totally in December…now just isn’t so easy since she is away from us a lot of the day and pretty attached to it when she is tired.  Makes life a bit easier for her teachers to have it.  We don’t mind.  Guess I felt the need to explain all of that due to the fact that she looks so old to have a paci in this picture.  In due time, in due time.

Discovering the fun in ear phones…

This is our bedroom window.  You can’t really tell in the pictures of our house above, but our bedroom window is really near the side gate area of the Fletcher’s house.  The Fletcher kids come to their gate a lot and call out for Cailyn.  They love to talk to one another through the gate/window.  It’s pretty cute.  I am going to try and get video of it some time.  So, Cailyn spends a good bit of time at our window.  The second picture is of her after she snuck out to actually go outside and see Maddox up close and personal.  All windows aside…


Those are all of the pictures we have for now.  Now for some things we don’t have pictures of…

  • Justin got a 100% on his nearly 4 page grammar test the other day!!  WooHoo!
  • I actually feel like I can communicate with our empleada (maid) these days.  Aside from a few things, we understand most of what each other is saying, and we even laugh together over stories that we both totally understand!  Now, that’s progress folks!
  • Cailyn at least TRIES to say “motorcycle”…we have those pass our house TONS of times a day, so in order to divert her somewhat scared self when they pass, we talk about them a lot.  She says “cuhcuh” for “cycle”
  • Justin turned 28 on the 1st! and
  • Justin and I are finishing up a scuba certification class this next week.
We are doing well, and we have enjoyed being here so far.  Thanks for all of your prayers and support!

3 responses to “A Few Things to Share…

  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog, and for your sweet words. I always enjoy reading your posts, and most of all your awesome photos–you guys really have a gift! (And Cailyn’s so gorgeous a model, that doesn’t hurt, either!)

  2. i especially like cailyn’s hair pulled back in the first few pics. love you. thanks for keeping in touch so great. seems like i’m still in CS and you are in navasota. God’s mercies help me feel you are near!! Thank you, Father.

  3. Fellow Alison with One L ( that’s my middle name, in case you forgot 🙂 ),

    Thank you for the sweetest comments on our blog! One day, if the Lord chooses to bless us in that way, I somehow believe that “makemebabies” will be wrong in its assessment- or perhaps I’m just delusional!

    We saw Mark’s parents at Memorial CoC on Sunday, and they always give us updates about you all!

    Scuba diving, how adventurous! Is this something you and Justin are doing alone or as a group with some of the other members of the team? I was never good at it- I can’t get my ears to pop!

    Haha, and I love the photos of Cailyn, talking through the bars to the little boy! It looks like they are both in jail and plotting with each other how to get out!

    Keep your blogs comin’! I love seeing the Lord use you- it’s such an encouragement to me!

    Love Always from Houston,
    Julie Alison

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