Missing “the norm”

Well, last night we went to a mall to just walk around and eat some good old North American Fast Food.  Yum…no, not really.  We had Burger King, and I was sorely disappointed.  After we ate, we decided to walk around some, so we went into a store that could be compared to some department stores in the States, it’s called “Universal”.  They totally had CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS UP!  I ADORE Christmas, but I actually found myself getting a little sad.  

Backtrack some…on Thursday this past week, in class, we had to describe the seasons using all of the verbs in Spanish that mean “to be”.  Yeah, they have 5 different ones…it’s a bit crazy.  So, our class is diverse in many ways, and one of them is that we are all from different States.  Tara, Steph, and I are all from TX, there is a couple from NY, another girl from Mississippi, one from Florida, one from Canada, and another from Pennsylvania.  As you can imagine, our descriptions of the seasons were quite different!  The lady from Pennsylvania (don’t worry, I am writing out all of the state names because I am dumb and don’t know all of the abbreviations…no need to embarrass myself, right?) brought pictures of her house and the trees in her yard.  She had one of each season.  They were literally breathtaking.  Our teacher could not believe the differences there were in the way the seasons looked.  Costa Rica basically just has rainy and not rainy (but it still rains in “not rainy” ) season.  Then, Esther, the lady from Pennsylvania, was trying to say in Spanish that she always makes these certain kinds of cookies in the Fall every year.  That got us all nostalgic, and we went around talking about what our Fall was like, what we were doing for Christmas this year, and so on.  A few of us teared up a bit…emotions were running a bit high.  I realized in those moments in class, that I was going to have to miss out on the “feelings of Fall” (even though Fall in Abilene, TX isn’t at ALL like in Pennsylvania!).  They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here (of course), so there really isn’t any holiday that has to come and be over in order to mark the beginning of celebrating and preparing for Christmas.  I’m not sure I like it…

I normally get a really giddy feeling when I see all of the stores pull out their Christmas products, and I am the kind of person who could listen to Christmas music literally all year round.  But…something about all of this now is catching me a bit off guard.  I know I chose to come here, and I believe this is where we are supposed to be.  Despite that, a part of me longs for some of the normalities (is that a word) of home.  We brought our Christmas stockings to hang when December comes, and our families are getting to come and visit us here in CR over the holiday.  Those things alone warm my heart.  I am thankful for the new and exciting things I am experiencing, and I wouldn’t trade Christmas starting after Thanksgiving for all that I am getting to know here.  I know also that as the years go by, I will come to appreciate seeing Christmas trees in the stores at the end of September, but for now…it leaves me with a sense of longing for what I am used to at home.  


We have had tons of fun lately with Cailyn as she is growing and doing so many new things.  We have a lot of video that we’ve taken, so we thought we would share some of her “meal time” experiences with you.  Unfortunately, we were dumb and decided not to bring her little high chair with us.  What were we thinking?!  We can get one here that is exactly the same, but we have to pay 3 arms and a leg for it.  So, for now she sits at the table…just barely high enough to where her mouth reaches the edge of the table.  Anyway, that makes feeding herself with a spoon a bit difficult.  She manages pretty well, though.  Hope you enjoy the footage!


5 responses to “Missing “the norm”

  1. cailyn has the spoons stuff down, getting every last bite!! thanks for the video. you have done a great job of helping us feel caught up and seeing her grow so fast. peace.

  2. what a face! how can you not love that intensity. we love you guys and look forward to seeing more language flowing from Cailyn’s mouth and from you guys.
    love you,

  3. Prepare yourself for the southern hemisphere. Santiago’s average temperature in December is 81º with lot’s of sun. You get used to it though.

    -Garrett (friend of many of your teammates and Hannah living in Santiago)

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