10 Years Later…

So, it was just over ten years ago, September 15, 1998, that I first asked Alison on a date – more specifically to our high school homecoming. On the 15th, I wrote Alison’s parents to thank them for taking a chance on me as they permitted a senior guy (me) to date their freshman daughter. Ten years ago, no one knew what was in store, but the story that unfolded is one of God’s provision, of guidance, and more importantly one of improved physique – at least I think so. I hope you laugh at this pic as much as I do. Yikes!

And thank goodness there is now – though that opinion might change in another 10!


Thank you Alison for all the great memories these past 10 years. I love you much. -J

5 responses to “10 Years Later…

  1. well, justin, you pulled it off. i still can’t believe i went to the first box of pictures and there it was!! we love you both and always pray for your marriage. justin, we couldn’t believe there really was a young man out there with such love and desire for the Lord at the age of 18. You have always been a gift to our family.

  2. WOOHOO! tell the story about the angel dog! that is my favorite part of the story!!! congrats to ALL off us for your first decade has been a blessing from God.

  3. man! i can’t believe 10 years! justin, it will be our 10 yr. anniversary come next super bowl, remember? i scooted your chair away from alison about 10 ft. and then slid my chair next to her. when we got done talking about you, i slid you back over, but not as close. That’s when we met! I have been blown away by how you have let God take your life and bless others; including me! now you’re blessing a whole other country! I’m proud of you and love you very much brother! Alison, “A”, i’m proud of you too and i love you very much (probably 10% more than justin; kidding, it’s more like 70%!) Keep in touch!

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